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PeTIPerpetual Testing Initiative (gaming software)
PeTIProfiling Educational Technology Integration (State Educational Technology Directors Association; various locations)
PeTIPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Insects
PeTIPost Eligibility Treatment of Income
PeTIPenambangan Emas tanpa Izin (Indonesian: Gold Mining without Permit)
PeTIProgram for Eradication of Child Labor (Brazil)
PeTIPinnacle Environmental Technologies, Inc. (Canada)
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Processes related to scenarios 3 and 4 are not part of the PETI-CNJ because the processes of scenario 3 are listed only in the PETI of the Court and the processes of scenario 4 are not present in any of the strategic plans.
O convenio com o PETI foi mencionado e ganhou relevancia no campo dos debates, nao so pelo fato de marcar a matricula do aluno na escola, mas, ainda, de trazer o tema trabalho referido a perspectiva de erradicacao do trabalho infantil.
A consensus was reached by 25 states around these elements, which formed the basis for the entire suite of PETI tools.
La elaboracion de salidas al tener en cuenta las prioridades de informacion encontradas en el PETI, aporta elementos claros que permiten evaluar los servicios de odontologia, contribuir a la toma de decisiones y ratificar que los registros desarrollados son instrumentos de gestion que dan valor agregado a los programas de mejoramiento de atencion al usuario, como lo han planteado investigaciones anteriores en administracion de servicios de salud (5).
The PETI copolymer samples were purified by Soxhlet extraction with methanol and dried in a vacuum oven for more than 48 hrs at room temperature prior to characterization.
Department of Education, the association commissioned the Metiri Group to build the PETI suite of assessment tools.
Each time the surveys are administered, site reviewers visit a stratified random sample of about 10% of grantees using the PETI site observation tools to serve as their visitation protocols.
SuccessLink is in the process of automating the PETI tools for not only the technology leadership academy participants, but also for all districts in the state.
It was at this time that SETDA contracted with the Metiri Group to produce the PETI assessment in order to support state efforts to better understand where schools, districts and states are on the path to technology integration.
The work we did with NASA on PETI was a tribute to NASA as well as to Eikos.
The five with the lowest number are PETI, FEMM (Women's Rights), REGI (Regional Development), AFCO and DEVE (Development).