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PK/PKPeak-to-Peak (waveforms)
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The aim of this study was to examine the combination of peak-to-peak displacement and knee angle, which achieves the highest level of activity of the trunk and neck muscles during WBV.
With a typical output voltage ripple of only 5mV peak-to-peak, the EN5312QI is ideal for noise sensitive loads and applications.
The system supports 4x4 MIMO applications and several commercial standards including cellular, WiMAX, and WLAN and offers [+ or -]1-ns signal sampler synchronization, <1 ns peak-to-peak signal sampler jitter, and <1 degree of peak-to-peak RF-carrier phase jitter.
Ripple and noise is specified at 1 percent peak-to-peak maximum, and units feature comprehensive protection circuitry.
It is designed to stand up to 2-g peak-to-peak vibration at frequencies from 28 to 500 Hz.
The reverse polarity creates a peak current about twice as high as the six amps of coil current on the primary side, and a higher peak-to-peak current on the secondary side.
5 mA peak-to-peak and optical sensitivity of better than -18.
Signals processed with AAF enabled are sharper and have a better peak-to-peak amplitude definition.
Further, the low-frequency driver is capable of peak-to-peak travel of nearly one inch, providing astonishing and accurate bass reproduction.
The IC features independent input controls for lamp selection, 180V peak-to-peak output voltage for high brightness and adjustable output voltage regulation for dimming capability.
Features include 100-ps time-base resolution; automatic peak-to-peak triggering; delay-by-time and delay-by-events triggering; text view of up to 15 time and power measurements per channel, envelope, persistence, and roll mode displays; and optional time-gated CCDF and PDF with log displays.
It stands up to 2-g peak-to-peak vibration at frequencies from 28 to 500 Hz with a maximum operating temperature of 122 F (50 C).