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PEARSPediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (health care)
PEARSPrimary Eyecare Acute Referral Scheme (UK)
PEARSPrintmaking Education and Research Studio (North Dakota State University; Fargo, ND)
PEARSPalmetto Economic Analysis and Research System (South Carolina)
PEARSPorcine Epidemic and Respiratory Syndrome
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Slavin and Reiland, pears were found to be rich in fructose, sorbitol and dietary fiber.
If I was baking a crumble or even poaching the pear, I would use slightly under-ripened pears so they hold their shape and texture.
Pear sales were highest in October, peaking the week of Oct.
However, the profits I make from selling the pears during summer reward me for the thorns that nestle in my hands as a result of removing their skins to offer the sweet fruit to the client.
Green Anjou pears are showing a projected crop increase of 7 percent compared with a smaller crop in 2016.
Most pears are grafted onto dwarfing rootstock, either quince or specially bred pear stock.
This year, the bureau, which promotes Washington state and Oregon pears under the USA Pears label, will partner with a wine brand to incentivize customers to purchase both products.
These chicken and crunchy pear lettuce wraps combine crisp pears with lean, protein-rich ground chicken for a budget- and family-friendly winter meal.
5 PEARS are easily digested and pureed pear is often the first fruit fed to young infants.
Sue Boden, via email Hi Sue, As pears flower and fruit earlier than apples, they are more susceptible to late frost, so this may be what happened.
Assemble the salad by splitting the spinach leaves between four small plates and topping with the caramelised pear slices and crumbled cheese.
Faraj Saleh, a 35-year-old farmer from Sanhan district, says that he uprooted his qat plants and replaced them with prickly pears almost seven years ago.