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P2PPeer to Peer
P2PPerson to Person (chat)
P2PPoint to Point
P2PPay to Play
P2PPier-to-Pier (swimming)
P2PPhysical to Physical (computer migration)
P2PPeak to Peak (various locations)
P2PPower to the People
P2PPartner to Partner (networking)
P2PPolice to Police (software)
P2PPci to Pci
P2PPerson to Person
P2PPartner to Partner
P2PPeople to People
P2PPhone to Phone
P2PPartition to Partition
P2PProgrammer to Programmer
P2PPhysical to ProLiant (computing)
P2PPhenylacetone (chemistry)
P2PPath to Profitability
P2PPermission to Proceed (customs)
P2PPayed to Play (gaming)
P2PPollution Prevention Plan
P2PPath to Progress
P2PPhenyl 2 Propanol
P2PPeople to People Programs (Spokane, WA)
P2PProduct-to-Person (picking; logistics)
P2PPrepared to Preach
P2PPurchase to Pay/ment
P2PPhenyl 2 Pentanone
P2PPhenoxy 2 Propane
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In fact, the rules became more restrictive the very day we departed, and even these special People to People programs are in jeopardy, which prompts me to want to share what I learned in my time there.
The idea of these People to People programs is to forge communication between Americans and Cubans in a manner that is intimate and personal and provides a poignant exploration of the culture and humanity of the Cuban people.
Increasing numbers of teachers are learning about other regions through professional study trips, such as those conducted by the Fulbright and People to People programs, which provide the opportunity for hundreds of teachers each year in travel to China, Russia, and other countries.
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