PEOTPhysical End of Tape
PEOTProyecto Especial Olmos Tinajones (Spanish: Special Project Tinajones Olmos; Peru)
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According to Peot, DC Water's director of resource recovery, the process allows the plant to extract organic material and convert it to methane.
Igualmente, se esta discutiendo por la Comision de la UE la superacion de la mencionada PEOT mediante el planteamiento de la ETE (Estrategia Territorial Europea), la cual define el marco de una aplicacion integrada de las opciones politicas.
Peot also names historical figures (and one contemporary) who were inspired by blobs.
tuz pechiez ne poun recunter; Mes par rant se peot remembrer, E les pechiez amender, Qe cest escrit uelt regarder.
A memorial Mass will be held March 2 for Helen McKeever Peot of Henderson, Nev.
We had people who I wouldn't call 'gun' people," said Brian Peot of Rylee's Ace Hardware in Grand Rapids, Mich.
We also thank David Heckerman, Jim Martin, Mark Peot, Bjarne Steensgaard, and the anonymous reviewers for their comments and suggestions.
Peot is also a full time police officer who oversees the trained security professionals and other off-duty police officers employed as StreetSafe Safety Advisors, who are trained to handle emergency situations.
Esta situacion ha sido recogida por la ONG Amnistia Internacional (AI), que ha denunciado que el PEOT actuo vulnerando los derechos de los afectados e incumpliendo con los criterios internacionales para desalojos y desplazamientos.
Author and artist Peot believes that they are also a powerful way to tap into personal creativity, inspire ideas, and enhance expression.