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PTOTEPeriodic Table of the Elements
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What Wald was attempting--an approach that we follow--was to map biochemistry onto the underlying quantum-mechanical logic of chemistry as exhibited in the periodic table of the elements.
With this third paper in a series on the upper limit of the Periodic Table of the Elements, the following are concluded.
Rare-earth elements, which are listed in their own niche of the Periodic Table of the Elements, are actually abundant in Earth's crust.
To the Editor: Since you seem interested in science as commemorated in architecture (to wit, Lee Langston's letter on the Boltzmann memorial in September), attached are snapshots of Mendeleyev's periodic table of the elements.
The Periodic Table of the Elements is re-interpreted by artist and printmaker Murray Robertson.
Its attractiveness for shooting applications first surfaced in a rather unusual place; the periodic table of the elements, where bismuth resides next to lead.
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