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PRPHPercentage Recovery per Hour (ophthalmology)
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Rats were categorized into two groups: group I (n = 6) for morphometric analysis with Nissl stain and group II (n = 6) for immunohistochemical analysis using peripherin antibody.
Higher magnification showed formation of circular zone of peripherin staining around the nucleus (similar to perinuclear ring) [Figure 3D].
Neurofilaments and peripherin interact with vimentin |22, 23~.
As such, the finding that matrix-related genes such as peripherin and proliferin2 were selected as predictors is of interest.
The intermediate filament peripherin is expressed in cutaneous melanocytic lesions.
Differential expression of two neuronal intermediate-filament proteins, peripherin and the low-molecular-mass neurofilament protein (NF-L), during development of the rat.