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PSSTPersonal Security System
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PSSTPeer Support Specialist Training (Peninsula Behavioral Health; Tennessee)
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An evaluation team from the facility researched available personal security systems and ultimately determined that Security Escort from Bosch Security Systems was most suited to Westchester's facility.
The remainder of this section outlines our proposal for privatizing the Social Security system by means of the Personal Security System.
The Personal Security System would improve benefit-tax linkage, enhance survivor protection, equalize treatment of one- and two-earner couples, offset the ongoing transfer of resources from the young to the old, provide better divorce protection to nonworking spouses, make the system's progressivity transparent, resolve Social Security's long-term funding problem, and ensure Americans an adequate level of retirement income at minimum transaction costs.
FORSSE is a complete on-call, personal security system, providing its subscribers the ability to instantaneously notify a response team of a threat or crisis by simply pushing a button on the Android.
Ascom Miratel Oy potilasviestintEn- and the acquisition of personal security system extension Skin and Allergy Hospital Dermatology ward 4.
Lahti Region health and social care Joint Authority for Basic Services Aava -liikelaitos ask for a quotation on the way potilasviestintEn-, dementiavalvonta- and personal security system purchase.
Maintenance catwalks in special design (glass and steel construction) with personal security system as well as glare protection and horizontally cantilevered shading elements with steel-UK.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance, inspection, repair and troubleshooting of personal security systems (pss) of the manufacturer amh on the properties reichstag building, luisenstrae 32-34 and reichstag presidential palace of the german bundestag in berlin
They have already shown their doubt of government's ability to protect their life and property by putting reliance on community and personal security systems.
The WAGs' rooms, with multimedia entertainment, have a private butler, maid, nanny and personal security systems.
Priced from $325,000, the one- and two-bedroom residences offer private outdoor patios, dens, washer/dryers in each apartment, nine-feet-high ceilings, eat-in kitchens and personal security systems.
As reported by PRNewswire, the DoD bought 1,300 personal security systems that require fingerprint identification before users can log on to their computers.
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