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PIMPersonal Information Manager
PIMProdigy Instant Messaging
PIMPenalty Minutes
PIMPersonal Information Management
PIMProduct Information Management
PIMProtocol Independent Multicast
PIMProduction and Inventory Management
PIMPioneer Investment Management (various locations)
PIMPlug In Module
PIMPrudential Investment Management
PIMPowder Injection Molding
PIMPenalties in Minutes (hockey)
PIMPrague International Marathon (Prague, Czech Republic)
PIMPartnership in International Management (consortium)
PIMProgram Integrity Manual (Medicare)
PIMPoetry in Motion
PIMProject Information Management
PIMPrint Image Matching (Epson)
PIMPort Interface Module
PIMPotentially Inappropriate Medication (adverse drug events)
PIMPipeline Integrity Management (various organizations)
PIMPower Interface Module (aerospace engineering)
PIMPlatform Independent Models
PIMPartners in Marketing
PIMProgramming Interface Manual
PIMPrint Image Matching
PIMPlatform Independent Multicast
PIMPersonal Informations Manager
PIMParallel Interface Machine
PIMPromina Interface Menu
PIMPeripheral Interface Manager
PIMProcessor Internal Memory
PIMParallel Iterative Method
PIMPhysical Interface Module
PIMPersonal Identification Module
PIMPotentially Infectious Material
PIMPublic Informational Meeting (various locations)
PIMParticipatory Irrigation Management
PIMPlug-In Management (software)
PIMP2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption) Instruction Manual
PIMPre-Inspection Meeting
PIMProtein Interaction Map
PIMProject Information Memoranda (New Zealand)
PIMPoultry Integration Model (joke)
PIMPlanning Information Management
PIMParallels Infrastructure Manager (software)
PIMPerpetual Inventory Method (economics)
PIMParallel Inference Machine
PIMPurchase Invoice Matching
PIMProcess Improvement Model
PIMPacem in Maribus (conference)
PIMProgram in Integrative Medicine
PIMPMC Interface Module
PIMPerformance Improvement Manager
PIMProject Implementation Manual
PIMProgram Implementation Management (various organizations)
PIMPrincipal Investigators Meeting (various organizations)
PIMPulse Interval Modulation
PIMProduct Improvement Manager
PIMPostintubation Management (neurocritical care)
PIMParallel Iterative Methods
PIMProduct Introduction Management
PIMPersonnel Information Management
PIMPediatric Index of Mortality
PIMPassive Inter Modulation
PIMPretrained Individual Manpower
PIMPhytosanitary Issues Management (USDA subsidiary)
PIMParallel Iterative Matching (algorithm)
PIMPrinting, Inserting and Mailing (center)
PIMPilot's Information Manual
PIMPure Inertial Mode
PIMPayload Integration Manager
PIMPulmonary Intravascular Macrophage (swine pathology)
PIMPosition of Intended Movement
PIMParameterized Ionosphere Model
PIMPoison Information Monographs
PIMPlan of Intended Movement (naval; navigation)
PIMPersonality Interface Module
PIMPresence and Interworking Mobility
PIMPath of Intended Movement
PIMProcess Integrated Mechanism
PIMPoint of Intended Movement
PIMProduct Interference Management
PIMPremium Income Monitoring (insurance)
PIMProgrammer's Information Manual
PIMPosition and Intended Movements
PIMParorrey Interactive Media
PIMPartial Inductance Matrix
PIMProject Integration Meeting
PIMProbabilistic Interactive Machine (cryptography)
PIMPositive Impact Ministries (Roanoke, VA)
PIMPolymorphically Invoked Method
PIMPenalty Infraction Minutes (hockey)
PIMPrior Information Memorandum (Canada)
PIMPotential Improvements Matrix (Sprint)
PIMProcedural Instruction Message
PIMPreside Integrated Manager (Nortel)
PIMPerformance Information Memo (memo clarifying enlisted performance traits)
PIMPiping Instructions Manual
PIMPuke in Mouth
PIMProgram Integration Meeting
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5 now provides access to an optional add-on that synchronizes users' appointments, due dates, tasks, and contact information, with a Personal Information Manager (PIM) e.
Also included is a Personal Information Manager (PIM) that includes a contact address book and calendar which can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook, as well as a real time clock.
Also included is a Personal Information Manager (PIM), which can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook, as well as a calendar and real time clock.
Digital Mind Corporation (DMC), the California based technology company that recently released the world's first 100GB portable audio player, on December the 14th announced the release of its DMC 8270 low-cost ultra portable digital audio player and personal information manager.
Some of the reasons why smartphones are taking off include smaller form factors, falling prices on select devices, better integration of voice, e-mail and Personal Information Manager functionality, a growing variety of devices, and increasing demand from business users looking for integrated voice and data devices.
The pocket-sized device combines a colour screen and easy-to-use controls with advanced smart phone features, such as a personal information manager, an XHTML browser, and e-mail, text and multimedia messaging.
The design includes BVRP Software's mobile PhoneTools(R) application, which enables consumers to easily input their Personal Information Manager (PIM) data, to SMS (Short Messaging Service) other users, and to send emails using their PC's full-sized keyboard.
There are several Web-based personal information managers (PIMs) that will let you maintain your schedule from anywhere there's Internet access.
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