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PURSPesticide Use Reporting System (State of Oregon)
PURSPartners in Urban Research and Service-Learning (Georgetown University; Washington, DC)
PURSPHANTOM Users' Research Symposium (annual conference)
PURSPost, Utility, Reference, Setup
PURSPublic Utility Regulating Station
PURSProgram Usage Replenishment System
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The Pesticide Use Reporting System, which requires pesticide users to report the volume and type of chemicals they use, came out with the results of its second survey on Wednesday.
But she said the report lacks some key details that the assessment program, called the Pesticide Use Reporting System, is meant to offer.
And it lies at the heart of the Legislature's standoff on whether to revive Oregon's long-dormant Pesticide Use Reporting System.
The state agency heard testimony on a proposed rule change that would effectively shelve the Pesticide Use Reporting System for at least two years.
30 on its proposed rules suspending the Pesticide Use Reporting System.
Bill Witt, R-Portland, a leading proponent of Oregon's landmark Pesticide Use Reporting System.
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