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Livermore Building Petawatt Laser For Czech Center Page 9
BELLA's laser has the highest repetition rate of any petawatt laser in the world.
The laser system will be capable of reaching peak powers greater than 1 quadrillion watts, a petawatt, at a repetition rate of 10Hz, with each pulse lasting for just a split second.
Apollon is designed to be the world's first 10 petawatt femtosecond pulsed output Sapphire laser system.
9 million program would support research in inertial fusion energy, fast ignition, petawatt laser development, plasma accelerators, and other research presently funded by Fusion Energy, Nuclear Physics, High Energy Physics, and inertial confinement fusion accounts within the National Nuclear Security Agency.
In 2012, Thales developed and constructed the BELLA laser, the first turn-key intense laser, offering a power of 1 Petawatt to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (California).
This office will be charged with supporting research in inertial fusion energy, fast ignition, petawatt laser development, plasma accelerators and other laboratory and university sponsored research related to high energy density science that is presently funded within the Fusion Energy, Nuclear Physics, High Energy Physics and the NNSA, ICF accounts.
The conferees also provided additional funds for petawatt laser development and the Omega laser program at the University of Rochester including an additional $22 M to accelerate the Omega Extended Performance capability project.
The Senate also directs that more money be spent on petawatt lasers than requested.
Almost the entire reduction is due to DOE's failure once more to request funding for Congressionally-mandated programs on high average power laser and z-pinch driver development ($34M) and high energy petawatt laser efforts ($38M).
Also, the new petawatt laser facilities presently under construction to investigate these areas experimentally will find high attention in the Workshop.
The high repetition rate advanced petawatt laser system will enable unprecedented research in areas as diverse such as medical imaging, particle accelerationand quantum physics.