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PETEPetroleum Engineering (university department)
PETEPetersburg National Battlefield (US National Park Service)
PETEPolyethylene Terephthalate
PETEPartnership for Environmental Technology Education
PETEPriority End To End
PETEPolice, Eminent Domain, Taxes and Escheat (government powers)
PETEPortable Expression Template Engine
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said Tom, holding her from him to take a full-length view; then, getting up, he set her on his broad shoulder, and began capering and dancing with her, while Mas'r George snapped at her with his pocket-handkerchief, and Mose and Pete, now returned again, roared after her like bears, till Aunt Chloe declared that they "fairly took her head off" with their noise.
Well, now, I hopes you're done," said Aunt Chloe, who had been busy in pulling out a rude box of a trundle-bed; "and now, you Mose and you Pete, get into thar; for we's goin' to have the meetin'.
He hitched pretty nigh across de room, t' other night," said Pete.
I'm sure one on 'em caved in last week," said Pete, "and let 'em all down in de middle of de singin'; dat ar was failin', warnt it?
During this aside between Mose and Pete, two empty casks had been rolled into the cabin, and being secured from rolling, by stones on each side, boards were laid across them, which arrangement, together with the turning down of certain tubs and pails, and the disposing of the rickety chairs, at last completed the preparation.
It's uncanny," Pete said, after it was over and they had caught their speech.
I'm not hankering to be the man that lays hands on you while he's around," Pete announced conclusively, nodding his head toward Buck.
Hans and Pete moved along the bank, snubbing with a thin Manila rope from tree to tree, while Thornton remained in the boat, helping its descent by means of a pole, and shouting directions to the shore.
He swam powerfully and was dragged ashore by Pete and Hans at the very point where swimming ceased to be possible and destruction began.
He was half drowned, and Hans and Pete threw themselves upon him, pounding the breath into him and the water out of him.
Hans paid out the rope, permitting no slack, while Pete kept it clear of coils.
Thornton came to, belly downward and being violently propelled back and forth across a drift log by Hans and Pete.