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PETPositron Emission Tomography
PETParent Effectiveness Training
PETPersonal Electronic Transactor (early Commodore PC)
PETPeter (New Testament)
PETPolyethylene Terephthalate (more common than PETE)
PETPreliminary English Test
PETPeten (Guatemala territorial division)
PETPrograma de Educação Tutorial (Portuguese: Education Program Tutorial; Brazil)
PETPrivacy Enhancing Technologies (Symposium)
PETPolitiets Efterretningstjeneste (Danish for Police Intelligence Agency)
PETPetroleum Ether
PETPotential Evapotranspiration
PETPost-Exposure Treatment (rabies vaccination)
PETPierre Elliot Trudeau (former Canadian Prime Minister)
PETPrograma de Empleo Temporal (Spanish: Temporary Employment Program; Mexico)
PETPhotoinduced Electron Transfer
PETProgramming Environment and Training (HPCMP)
PETPrivacy Enhancing Technology
PETPotentially Exempt Transfer (UK inland revenue)
PETPersonal Terminal (MegaMan, gaming)
PETPupil Evaluation Team
PETPre-Eclamptic Toxaemia
PETPositron Emissie Tomografie (Dutch)
PETPerformance Evaluation Tool
PETPrint Enhancement Technology
PETPriority Encoding Transmission (algorithm)
PETPiezoelectric Transformer
PETPersuasion Emotion and Trust
PETProton Electron Telescope
PETPrecision End Trimmed (lumber)
PETPresidential Electoral Tribunal (Philippines)
PETPerformance Evaluation Test
PETProductivity Enhancement and Technology
PETUser Productivity Enhancement and Technology Transfer (Previously Productivity Enhancement and Technology)
PETPiezo-Electric Transducer
PETPhase Elapsed Time
PETPerformance Evaluation Team
PETPortable Electronic Thermometer
PETPet Energy Therapy
PETPile Echo Tester (system for testing piles/shafts/deep foundations)
PETProject Execution Team
PETPersonal Electronic Thingy
PETProfessional Employment Training
PETProtected Entrance Terminal
PETProduct Enterprise Team (US Navy)
PETProposal Evaluation Tool
PETPiston Engine Technology
PETPolling Every Time
PETPermanent Engaged Tone
PETProduction Environmental Test
PETProcess Enhancement Team
PETPropulsion Engineering Trainer
PETPeak Engine Torque
PETParker Endotracheal Tube
PETPilot-Line Experiment Technology
PETPulse Energy Thermography
PETPhase Emission Tomography
PETPrecision Electric Turret
PETPhysical Education Teacher (various schools)
PETParaffin-Embedded Tissue
PETPlan de Expansión de Transmisión (Spanish: Transmission Expansion Plan)
PETPreservative Efficacy Test
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Tomando en cuenta que el Peten es una area predominantemente cubierta de selva, con una exuberante vegetacion tropical y de alta importancia con respecto a su biodiversidad a nivel del istmo Centro Americano, la inclusion de lineas de investigacion alternas que incluyan las especies endemicas del lugar es de vital importancia para el desarrollo sustentable del departamento.
Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity raised $2 million to fund three Pescatore Eye Association clinics in Peten, Guatemala City and Hutiapa, serving 3 million adults and 3.
Es la capital del departamento de El Peten que ocupa un tercio del suelo de Guatemala.
Jones traces the story of the Itza kingdom from the mid-fifteenth century, when the ruling elite migrated from their mythical (and probably actual) home at Chich'en Itza in northern Yucatan, some 250 miles south to the lowland jungle around Lake Peten Itza.
Actualmente, alrededor de 5,000 familias del Gran Peten viven del chicle.
Ranchers, too, over the last two decades, have discovered the last frontier of Peten.
A landmark 1990 law created a 4-million-acre Mayan Biosphere Reserve in the northern region of El Peten that is becoming the blueprint for rain-forest conservation in our part of the world.
PetroRamrod owns Concession 1-95 and 2-95, consisting of approximately 300,000 acres in the North Peten Basin of the Republic of Guatemala, Central America.
Contract awarded for acquisition of office equipment, to be used by the department of health area peten south west.
Mendez Barrios had been receiving death threats from illegal land invaders whom he had publicly denounced, said a statement from the Asociacion de Comunidades Forestales de Peten (Association of Forest Communities of Peten, ACOFOP), an organization that represents several communities living in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in northern Guatemala.