PFCRTPlasmodium Falciparum Chloroquine Resistance Transporter
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To determine whether parasites carrying these polymorphisms or gene amplifications exist in Mozambique, we conducted molecular surveillance targeting K13, pfmdr1, pfcrt, and pfdhps polymorphisms and pfpm2 and pfmdr1 copy numbers in field isolates collected from 4 sentinel sites.
24) Studies in this field demonstrated that, after a few years, sensitivity to CQ was recovered with limitation of mutation (25-27) such as the deletion of PfCRT T76 mutation in Malawi after 8 years of its discontinuation.
Mutations conferring drug resistance in malaria parasite drug transporters Pgh1 and PfCRT do not affect steady-state vacuolar [Ca.
Now, the Australian team has proved that PfCRT "provides an exit route for chloroquine," which does not reach the concentration required to kill the parasite.
The Pfcrt gene is located on chromosome 7 and codes for Pfcrt, a vacuolar membrane transporter protein.
This technique uses the nested PCR amplification of pfcrt gene sequences, which may be easily detected by using DNA extracted from whole blood spotted on filter paper.
In their study Kublin and colleagues (147) measured the prevalence of the pfcrt 76T genotype (a molecular marker for CHQ-resistance) and observed that after 10 yr of CHQ withdrawal, the prevalence of this genotype decreased from a peak of 85 per cent in 1992 to only 13 per cent in 2000.
This phenomenon had already been observed in the Dakar suburb of Pikine, where malaria parasites demonstrated an increase in the pfcrt 76T mutation involved in chloroquine resistance (19).