PfEMP1Plasmodium Falciparum Erythrocyte Membrane Protein 1
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STEVOR appears on the surface of infected RBCs (iRBCs) after both PfEMP1 and RIFIN demonstrating its significant role in the development of late stage parasites (9).
The var genes encode PfEMP1 responsible for the cytoadhesive properties in P.
PfEMP1 is not found in other forms of malaria or in older people.
To hone in on specific PfEMP1 types associated with severe malaria, Thomas Lavstsen, Ph.
Our research revealed that genes encoding two distinct types of PfEMP1 - named domain cassettes 8 and 13 - were tied to cases of severe malaria, suggesting that those proteins might be suitable targets in efforts aimed at curbing the disease," explained Lavstsen.
brucei Malaria Plasmodium falciparum Babesiosis Babesia bovis Disease Vector Relapsing fever Soft (argasid) ticks Anaplasmosis Hard (ixodid) ticks African trypanosomiasis Tsetse fly Malaria Mosquitoes Babesiosis Hard (ixodid) ticks Disease Variable antigens(a) Relapsing fever VIp & Vsp Anaplasmosis MSP2 African trypanosomiasis VSG Malaria PfEMP1 Babesiosis VESA1
The variable PfEMP1 proteins range from 200 to 350 kDa.
This is the first protein that has been found at what we call the 'active' site, where control of the genes that produce PfEMP1 occurs.
PfEMP1 plays two important roles in malaria infection.
Dr Barry and colleagues found that in a small region of Papua New Guinea where malaria is endemic, children under the age of two are immune to only a few specific variants of PfEMP1 while older children and adults show immunity to an increasing range of PfEMP1 variants.
It was subsequently shown that Var1CSA and Var2CSA, members of the highly polymorphic PfEMP1 family encoded by the var genes, were candidates involved in CSA-adhesion (55,56).
Each parasite has 'recipes' for around sixty different types of PfEMP1 molecule written into its genes.