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PFUPlaque Forming Unit
PFUPyrococcus Furiosus
PFUProgrammable Function Unit
PFUPhysical Fitness Uniform
PFUParticle Flux Unit
PFUPlan de Formation de l'Unité (French: Training Plan of Unity)
PFUProto-Fenno-Ugric (linguistics)
PFUPlan For Use
PFUParts Followup
PFUProto-Flight Unit
PFUProbability of Frame Unavailability
PFUPretty Fouled Up (polite form)
PFUPosition Fix Update (GPS)
PFUPaging File Utilization (Norton System Doctor Win2000)
PFUPressens Faglige Utvalg (Norwegian: Press Complaints Commission)
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PFU plans to contribute resources for CP-TA for interoperability in the platforms and introduce CP-TA certified products in the near future," said Yoshifumi Hashimoto, Director of Engineering, Modular businesses at PFU Limited.
The PFU Systems Media Engine at the heart of the MEDIASTAFF DS uses a 520 MHz PXA270 and a 2700G Multimedia Accelerator running Windows CE to achieve full motion video and excellent sound in a low cost low profile solution.
10] PFU of eastern equine encephalitis virus is deposited into capillary tubes filled with oil by the vector Culiseta melanura (9).
4] HEpG2 cells were infected with 150 PFU of vaccinia virus strain Lister Elstree.
3 PFU when virus stocks of known titer were used (29), while the detection limit of the plaque assay with the volumes available was 1.
The specification meets the need of the embedded industry for a computer-on-module standard applicable to a wide range of form factors and which encapsulates modern, high-speed interfaces," said Kishan Jainandunsing of PFU Systems, who chaired the PICMG COM.
The MPX 2003 virus was used at a dose of [approximately equal to] 20 PFU.
Six alligators in the 32[degrees]C room and six alligators in the 27[degrees]C room were subcutaneously injected behind the left front leg with [approximately equal to] 7,500 PFU of WNV with a volume of 0.
IIJ-MC has taken this opportunity to introduce iPushSERVE Streaming Monitor, a streaming monitor tool developed by PFU Limited.
The Contracting Authority reserves that wherever in the content PFU indicated trademarks, patents or origin, Employer allows methods, materials, equipment, systems, technologies, etc.
A 90% reduction in PFU, as compared to the serum-negative control, was used as the determinant of neutralization.
Osaki Computer Engineering, PFU Tokyo, SA Doux, S&I Informatica, Sumisho Machinery Trade Co.