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PhBPhilosophiae Baccalaureus (bachelor of philosophy)
PHBPer Hop Behavior
PHBPlayer's Handbook (gaming)
PHBPointy Haired Boss (Dilbert)
PHBBachelor of Philosophy
PHBPCI Host Bridge
PHBPackway Handle Band
PHBPoptropica Help Blog (kids' website)
PHBPsycho Hose Beast
PHBPhotographic Bulletin
PHBPacket Handling Buffer
PHBPremium Hereford Beef
PHBPre-Hydrated Bentonite
PHBPatrick Henry Building (various locations)
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PHB was dissolved in chloroform at 90[degrees]C under reflux conditions for 2 h.
Because of the low elongation and brittle nature of the PLA in the previous test, a PHB copolymer was chosen to be modified.
The pain was growing worse until he discovered PHB and became a patient in Novi last fall.
Total carbon content in PHF, WSF, PHB and WSB was determined by oxidation method (Walkley-Black method) using potassium dichromate solution (0.
The use of biodegradable plastics such as PHB is encouraged to help reduce environmental contamination.
Both gram positive and negative bacteria accumulate PHB intracellularly to levels as high as 90% of cell dry weight under conditions of nutritional stress which act as carbon and energy reserve (Verlinden et al.
Sanusi said earlier this month he did not expect any of the systemically important rescued banks to fail to reach deals and that AMCON could potentially capitalise Bank PHB or Oceanic and get them ready for sale in a few years' time.
The positive inotropic effect and its relevant mechanism of PHB were evaluated in cellular and organ levels, and the myocardial protective effect of PHB was observed in vivo.
The idea of using PHB copolymers for mulch applications is especially attractive because microorganisms with the ability to biodegrade PHB are widely distributed in all types of natural environments--soil, compost, fresh water, and seawater.
Na etapa de fermentacao para a producao de PHB e alginato, foi utilizado o meio minimo ou basal composto por (em gramas por litro): K[H.
Bank PHB was adjudged to be under severe liquidity strain, the inescapable consequence of a high level of non-performing loans in its portfolio.
The agreements -- signed with United Bank for Africa (UBA), Diamond Bank, Bank PHB and Intercontinental Bank -- increase MSCC's client base by 39 percent, from 65 to 105 banks across Africa and the Middle East.