PhILSPhiladelphia Information Locator Service
References in classic literature ?
As Phil moves about to execute this order, it appears that he is lame, though able to move very quickly.
These being drawn to opposite ends of the gallery, the trooper makes his own bed and Phil makes his.
Shyness isn't among the many failings -- or virtues -- of Philippa Gordon -- Phil for short.
But it always enrages or sickens me to hear Ruby, whereas I just wanted to laugh good-naturedly at Phil.
Now, when Phil talks of her beaux it sounds as if she was just speaking of chums.
But when I haven't it just seems like wanton cruelty--though I know Phil wouldn't hurt me for the world.
I'm getting terrible stiff in the joints, Phil, for climbing those stairs of yours," said Wakem, looking kindly at his son as he laid down his paper.
But this girl seems to have been fond of you, Phil, else she wouldn't have met you in that way.
She's not the sort of woman your mother was, though, Phil," he said, at last.
Ah, Phil, you're the only fellow that knows the best of me," said Wakem, giving his hand to his son.
Phil Evans said: "This new phase of the company is an exciting one.
Glasgow Phil said: "We have really been able to make a difference.