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PHARPharmacy (course)
PHARPublic Housing Association of Residents (Charlottesville, VA)
PHARProQuest Historical Annual Reports
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As for installation work, we will work with PHAR to ensure the work meets our professional standards.
According to PHAR Partnerships, VGI was chosen because of its outstanding sales achievement and leading position - in terms of market share - in the mass transit and modern trade segments of the Thai advertising market, which prompted the airline to expect a satisfactory jump in advertising revenue as a result of the deal.
By using a synchrotron, Dr Kempson was able to distinguish between arsenic used in preserving Phar Lap after his death and that which might have been ingested shortly before his death.
Now scientists, after running tests on a strand of Phar Lap's hair, have discovered the superhorse ingested a large dose of arsenic 35 hours before his death.
If you would like to know more about the amazing Phar Lap, visit the brilliant website at: www.
Woodcock used himself and the pony he was riding as a shield, but luckily the gunmen were poor shots and Phar Lap was unscathed.
Phar Lap, which means 'lightning' in Thai, won 37 of his 51 races for trainer Harry Telford, including two Cox Plates and an AJC Derby, and was a great favourite of the smaller punters who followed him blindly, trusting that 'The Red Terror' was always doing his best.
They have been running well and we needed a bit of luck-and certainly got that with Phar Less Hassle.
That was reference to another never-say-die McCoy effort on Phar Less Hassle which turned defeat into victory in the two-and-a-half-mile handicap chase.
Between 1985 and 1992, Phar Mor grew from 15 stores to 310 stores in 32 states, posting sales of more than $3 billion.
Thirty-eight investors and creditors filed suit against Coopers, Phar Mor's independent auditors, under Section 10(b) of the Federal Securities Exchange Act and under Pennsylvania state common law.