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Through both reducing the numbers of adverse drug reactions and improving the use of existing drugs in targeted populations, pharmacogenomics represents a real advance on traditional therapeutic drug monitoring.
Diagnostics is coming to grips with the wave of pharmacogenomic tests that are followed by new biological therapy introductions.
Table 2 (3-8) lists other online resources for practitioners to aid in advancing pharmacogenomics knowledge as it relates to practice.
3 Examining the Impact of Pharmacogenomics in Specific Disease Application 107
With pharmacogenomics, notes the FDA, physicians will be able to analyze a patient's genetic profile and then prescribe the best available drug therapy and dosage early in that patient's diagnosis.
What we learn from pharmacogenomics will also apply to envirogenomics," he says, "as relates to exposures to other challenges relevant to environmental health, such as pollution, toxins, radiation, heat and cold, and even food.
Pharmacogenomics holds the promise that drugs might one day be tailor-made for the individual," said Michael Phillips, PhD, Associate Professor at the Universite de Montreal and Director of Pharmacogenomics at the Montreal Heart Institute and Genome Quebec.
CPIC provides guidance for implementing pharmacogenomics
There is growing demand surrounding pharmacogenomics (PGx).
Pediatric pharmacogenomics is beginning to be used in pediatric hospitals to detect impaired or heightened drug responses, and may be coming to community pharmacies.
Pharmacogenomics company OneOme said on Wednesday that it has entered into an agreement to bring personalised medicine to Canada, reflecting its first entry into the Canadian retail pharmacy market via ProZed Pharmacy Solutions.