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PHIDIASPathogen-Host Interaction Data Integration and Analysis System
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The works are steeped not only in American history but also in the history of art, for Eakins used them to explore his affiliations with William Rush, the Federal sculptor whom he had immortalized in an earlier painting, and Phidias, the Greek mastermind behind the Parthenon marbles.
But Caro's own teachers and beginnings belong to a distant world, one that would be more recognisable to Donatello or Phidias than Damien Hirst.
The faithful dog and the simple boy, whom Goltzius has brought to life in copper with a skilled hand, like that of Phidias.
His father, Phidias, was an astronomer, and Archimedes is known to have measured the Sun's apparent diameter.
The rolling biomorphism of the form, in other words, is fundamentally unlike that of marble torsos smoothed under the touch of traditional sculptors from Phidias to Rodin or clay figures made sleek beneath the fingers of conventional modellers from the obscurity of prehistory to the present.
18) Indeed, Gardner finds one figure from the Parthenon marbles with which Phidias is most associated "so delicately rendered that it is difficult to realize, as we look at it, that it is marble and not living flesh.
The final section considers Phidias, who sculpted a gigantic Zeus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
I also listened to the radio, specially the program "La hora de la salsa," conducted by Phidias Danilo Escalona.
There we can find the first recorded definition of the golden ratio, which, due to its profound aesthetic value, was used probably by the Egyptians in their temples and surely by the Greeks, as for instance by Phidias in the Parthenon.
The Greek sculptor Phidias gave this number the name Phi, and over the years various mathematical connections have been made between this number and nature.
Michael Angelo stands upon the shoulders of Phidias, but that does not make him any taller.