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Application of phosphogypsum for soil reclamation is a source of additional HMs input into the soil (Mays and Mortvedt, 1986; Minkin et al.
However, the greatest interest for the extraction of rare earth metals is phosphogypsum (waste of phosphate fertilizer production).
Since 1966, fertilizer factories, copper foundries, paper mills, as well as phosphogypsum deposits and facilities for cleaning aggregate have been established along the margins of the Tinto and Odiel estuaries (Fig.
But phosphate mining is an environmentally devastating project--it requires stripping large swaths of land and generates massive amounts of a waste product called phosphogypsum, which contains low levels of radiation as well as a range of toxic heavy metals.
210]Po is uranium-rich phosphate rock in the aquifers and phosphogypsum waste products from mining operations (Cherrier et al.
Eco-balance features and significance of hemihydrate phosphogypsum reprocessing into gypsum binding materials, Journal of Civil Engineering and Management 15(2): 205-213.
2], mercury, selenium, arsenic copper, lead, zinc, and nickel Hydrometallurgical Arsine, phosphine, cyanides processes: gold, silver, copper, and zinc Radioactive ores: Radon gas (radioactive) uranium and thorium Industrial minerals: Sulfur, ash, trace metals, nitrogen coal, phosphate oxides, phosphogypsum, waste acid, rock, ilmenite, toxicity of fibres, tailings asbestos Electroplating Chromium, copper, nickel industry Table No.
In September 2010, a settlement with ExxonMobil requires ExxonMobil to conduct extensive closure and cleanup work on the phosphogypsum stacks system at the Agrifos facility, which was previously owned by ExxonMobil.
The renowned marine biologist, added that a high level of phosphogypsum will form in the water.
Tang Z, Lei T, Yu J, Shainberg I, Mamedov AI, Ben-Hur M, Levy GJ (2006) Runoff and interrill erosion in sodic soils treated with dry PAM and phosphogypsum.
Other subjects covered are organic fertilization as a resource for sustainable agriculture, fertilizer applications by farmers in rainfed rice cultivation in northeast Thailand, a new analytical system for remotely monitoring fertilizer ions, organo-zeolitic-soil systems, and radio-environmental impacts of phosphogypsum.
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