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PICASOPresque Isle Bay Community Adaptive Sailing Organization
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Luis Picaso suffered third-degree burns after his phone ignited the nylon and polyester clothing he was wearing.
To assist with calibration, there are computer programs such as Eppendorf's Picaso Pipette Calibration software and Labtronics' Pipette Tracker Pro.
Each book in the series focuses on the style, techniques, and influences of great painters, including Georgia O'Keeffe, Pablo Picaso, Frida Kahlo, Jan van Eyck, and Paul Gauguin.
O fantasea otra noche, de deshielo en la primavera temprana, con Picaso en zapatillas y en distraida busqueda de un estanco.
Used with a unique, proprietary evaporation trap, and firm's micro balances, PICASO pipette calibration software directly inputs pipette data into a computer.
Jerry Picaso, currently president of the eponymous firm, will join Halstead Management Company as managing director, executive vice president.