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PIDSPhilippine Institute for Development Studies
PIDSPediatric Infectious Diseases Society
PIDSPerimeter Intrusion Detection System
PIDSPerson Identification Service
PIDSPolarization Intensity Differential Scattering
PIDSPrime Item Development Specification
PIDSProduct Insert Data Sheet
PIDSPassengers Information Display System
PIDSPositive Identification System
PIDSPost Ironman Depression Syndrome
PIDSPositive Identification Detection System
PIDSPiecewise-Identically-Distributed Source
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The CISF, meanwhile, justified its action by saying that the PIDS system had malfunctioned.
Installation of the AgilFence PIDS at Changi has already begun, with the implementation to be rolled out in stages and the project to be completed by the end of 2012.
Contributions of PID to other fields of medicine: Winkelstein concluded his seminars to nurses by identifying some of the significant therapies developed over the years as a direct result of research con ducted for the benefit of patients with PIDs.
Immunoglobulin is a blood component that has become standard immune replacement therapy for more people living with PID, and nearly 70 percent of PID patients receive Ig replacement therapy.
For cash PIDs the liability to Dividends Tax will be offset by the net UK withholding tax of 15 per cent, resulting in no Dividends Tax being deducted.
The Wing Tank Entry Kit uses PID (Photoionization Detectors) instead of traditional Wheatstone bridge LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) sensors for measuring jet fuel vapors.
The book also includes an in-depth explanation of PID measurement and applications.
In addition, WWF Pids will include scheduled time slots in the calendar section for WWF events and Pay- Per-View programming.
The Pid offers a variety of personalized tools practical for daily tasks, including a calendar, address book, free Internet service, voicemail access and on-line faxing.
The first three WWF Pids, featuring The Rock, Stone Cold and Kane, are available at the i-xposure website (www.