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POJPlenty of Joy
POJPride of Judah
POJPiece of Junk
POJPlane of Justice (Everquest gaming)
POJPlain of Jars (historic sites; Laos)
POJPasteurized Orange Juice
POJPlenty of Jewelry
POJPraxisorientierte Juristinnen und Juristen
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On August 11, 2012, the public was let in on the secret we have known for years: PIDS is an expensive piece of junk with no value as a security deterrent," the New York Post quoted Nunziato, who wrote to Foye.
If you just toss your weapon in a box for shipment, moisture can let corrosion turn it into an expensive piece of junk by the time it arrives at its destination.
I've just got a new computer which allows me to type long emails, unlike that piece of junk I was using before, so here goes
The bus, however, is not just a piece of junk on de Forge's property.
Two weeks ago, the space station residents had to seek shelter in their lifeboats when a piece of junk came within 1,100 feet -- the closest encounter yet.
My dad stomped over to the service desk, yelled at the poor teenage girl standing there and handed her the piece of junk.
If such a piece of junk stays in a busy place like this unnoticed, then what about the garbage in remote areas of Bahrain?
It appears that the Confederation of African Football and Globacom, sponsors of the African Footballer of the Year awards, are determined to turn what should be the most valued individual prize for the continent's footballers into a meaningless piece of junk, with yet another travesty of justice in Accra on 11 March.
Apple's Steve Jobs has steered clear of the low-end computer market, saying "We don't know how to build a sub-$500 computer that is not a piece of junk.
I thought it was just another piece of junk mail and was about to throw it in the bin when I noticed the council logo.
But he said the vote "removed a piece of junk from the OAS.
Officials have estimated a 1-in-229 chance that a high-velocity strike by a piece of junk or a micro-meteoroid will cause catastrophic damage to the vehicle.