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POMProgram Objective Memorandum (US DoD PPBES (Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System))
POMProject of the Month (various organizations)
POMPrescription Only Medicine
POMProject Object Model (Maven project file)
POMPeace of Mind
POMPoint of Manufacture
POMParallax Occlusion Mapping (game image rendering)
POMProgram Objective Memoranda (US DoD; Planning, Programming, & Budgeting System)
POMPhysics of Music (various schools)
POMPuddle of Mudd (band)
POMProof Of Manufacture
POMPresence of Mind (World of Warcraft)
POMPurchase Order Management
POMProgramme of Measures (UK)
POMProject Object Model
POMPort Monitor
POMProvisioning Object Manager
POMPersistent Object Manager
POMParticulate Organic Matter
POMPiece Of Mind (Iron Maiden album)
POMPiece of Me (song)
POMPresidio Of Monterey (Monterey, California)
POMPlane of Mischief
POMPolycyclic Organic Matter
POMPrinceton Ocean Model (software model of oceanic activity)
POMPhase of the Moon
POMPercent Organic Matter
POMPut on the Market
POMPossession Of Marijuana
POMPlaymate of the Month
POMProject Office Manager (various locations)
POMProgram Office Management
POMPolarized Optical Microscopy
POMPlan of the Month
POMPostal Operations Manual
POMPersistent Object Manager (Teamcenter)
POMPluggable Optical Module (Cisco)
POMPark-O-Meter (first parking meters)
POMPicture of the Moment
POMPhysical Operational Model (information technology)
POMPreparation for Overseas Movements (US DoD)
POMPort Moresby, Papua New Guinea - Jackson (Airport Code)
POMPrivate Offering Memorandum (investing)
POMPick Off Mirror
POMPartner Opportunity Management (various companies)
POMProvisioning Object Manager (Cisco)
POMPrisoner Of the Motherland
POMPrototype Optimization Model (Ford Motor Co.)
POMPrenegotiation Objective Memorandum (USACE)
POMPortée Optique Météorologique (French: meteorological optical range)
POMPersonnel Operations and Maintenance
POMPile of Meat (gaming reference)
POMPrioritized Overlay Multicast
POMPride of Montreal
POMPrimary Option Menu
POMPerceptual Objective Measurement
POMPolyacetal Engineering Polymers (plastics)
POMPost Overseas Movement
POMProduct Orderability Matrix
POMProject Officers Meeting
POMPotential Monitor
POMPerforming Organization Management
POMPrinciples Of Operations Manual (TMINS)
POMPreparation, Observation, Maneuver (driving training)
POMPrivate of Marines
POMDepartment for Policy and Methodology
POMPurchasing Operations Manual
POMPackaging Operations Management
POMPrepare/Preparation for Overseas Movement
POMPerformance Objective Matrix
POMPlanning and Operational Maintenance
POMCommon Pompano (FAO fish species code)
POMPassive Optical Multiplexer (St. Arnaud)
POMProduct and Operations Management (various organizations)
POMPower of Mom (est. 2010)
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Rebecca Smith, defending, said: "He hopes by being accountable for his actions he will give her some piece of mind.
Bollywood's Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan also caught in a series of controversies and received a lot of backlashes and it was after Shah Rukh gave his piece of mind on intolerance that many started calling them both anti-nationals
We can give you piece of mind and take the pressure off running your own property.
We just need some piece of mind, and to know if Baljeev is out there somewhere that he is okay.
I Know personally of a lady who is absolutely petrified that she may have to move out of the area and lose her friends and piece of mind.
Thankfully, someone had the piece of mind to snap a photograph.
Rental property owners get piece of mind from browsing the vast selection of real estate rentals on Advent's website and are more than flattered by the marketing techniques that Advent deploys.
For extra piece of mind, residents can contact the Northumberland and North Tyneside Trader Register by calling 0845 600 6400.
It means any lost children can be reunited with their parents as quickly as possible, offering piece of mind for all the family.
From a hard working Irish Catholic family which led to him living in a monastery for eight years and how gardens and plant life gave him the piece of mind he needed.
We all want safety and piece of mind, however we won't get that in a society where laws can be disregarded.
But it is their piece of mind Shauna is more concerned about.