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PIERPublic Interest Energy Research
PIERPenn Institute for Economic Research
PIERProgress in Electromagnetics Research
PIERPhysicians' Information and Education Resource (American College of Physicians)
PIERPacific Islands Ecosystems At Risk
PIERPrograms in International Educational Resources (Yale University)
PIERProcedures for Internet/Enterprise Renumbering
PIERPaediatric Information and Education Resource (UK)
PIERPfleger Institute of Environmental Research (California, USA)
PIERProfessional International Education Resources (Spring Hill, QLD, Australia)
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Then, turning over again, she shot past under the pier.
This fellow fell off the pier, and a girl brought him in.
Suppose you fell off a pier, and a girl took a great deal of trouble to get you to the shore, would you say, "Much obliged, but you needn't have been so officious.
Yes, Athos, you may laugh, but as long as we were within gunshot of the pier or of the vessels lying by it I was looking for a frightful discharge of musketry which would crush us.
Between the two piers there is a narrow opening into the harbour, which then suddenly widens.
There are several versions of Piers, and it is thought by some that Langland himself wrote and re-wrote his poem, trying always to make it better.
The first part is The Vision of Piers the Ploughman, the second is The Vision Concerning Do Well, Do Bet, Do Best.
In the beginning of Piers the Ploughman Langland tells us how
Two hundred years later, when The Vision of Piers the Ploughman was first printed, the printer in his preface explained alliterative verse very well.
Crowley is his preface to Piers Ploughman, printed in 1550.
Hornsea's pier was beset by financial difficulties, seemingly unloved by the town's people and often deserted.
For, exactly 47 years before, on the erst day of the school holidays, I had started my erst 'proper' job - one requiring an NI number and producing a real weekly pay packet - in the renowned Dolphin Restaurant at the head of the even more famous Southend Pier, which, as everyone knows, is the longest pier in the world.