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These include an ORF (RWLH03604) for major pilin protein Fim A, three ORFs for type 1 regulatory protein FimB (RWLH04394, RWLH 03918, RWLH03921), outer membrane usher protein FimC (RWLH00229, RWLH03606, RWLH03925, RWLH04209, RWLH04210) and outer membrane usher protein FimD (RWLH00228, RWLH03526, RWLH03926).
Mucosal adhesion properties of the probiotic Lactobacillusrhamnosus GG SpaCBA and SpaFED pilin subunits.
As the elaboration of pili from pilin subunits (BcpA1 and BcpA2) is a feature of B cereus strains, but not of B anthracis, these findings further corroborated the idea that this patient's infection was not caused by a bona fide B anthracis strain.
organo genital masculino: bichito (1), huevos (12), picha (18), picha parada (1), pelotas (2), pilin (1), pilon (1), pinga (4), pipi (1), pito (1), polla (1), salchichon (1), santa chota (1), verga (1).
The researchers found large quantities of pilin, a protein that makes the tiny fibres that conduct electricity through the sticky biofilm.
They are composed primarily of a single small protein subunit, usually termed PilA or pilin, which is arranged in helical conformation with 5 subunits per turn and which may be glycosylated and/or phosphorylated in different species.
Sivaramakrishanan and Guillaume Pilin (co-winners for the oral) and Yannick de Ladurantaye (poster winner).
PCR SDA (COBAS Roche Amplicor) (BD ProbeTec) Type of DNA DNA nucleic acid amplified Nucleic-acid GC: Cytosine methyl GC: pilin gene targets transferase gene (M:Ngo P11) or pilin gene CT: omp1 gene on CT: omp1 gene on cryptic cryptic plasmid plasmid Differences Primer binds to DNA Uses isothermal technique, in method of gene sequence, which is which reduces non-specific amplification subsequently amplified, binding of primers.
A comparative analysis of pilin from pathogenesis and nonpathogenesis Neisseria species.
22, the government achieved its first major victory in its efforts to break the oil strike when it captured the striker-controlled oil tanker Pilin Leon.
El presidente de la Republica, Hugo Chavez daba la orden, en cadena nacional, a un comando del ejercito de tomar las instalaciones del buque Pilin Leon (EUD, 6-12-2002, Economia).
According to Xinhua news agency, an investigation and thorough verification had determined that the crash was an act of sabotage created when passenger Zhang Pilin started a fire on board the aircraft.