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PIPEXPublic Internet Protocol Exchange (Internet)
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Vialtus Solutions, (formerly Pipex Business), provides integrated communications solutions to mid-market companies and large organisations.
Pipex said FREEDOM4 started the roll-out of its WiMAX infrastructure recently, providing a personal wireless Internet experience for users.
Pipex chairman Peter Dubens said the review had sparked a "large volume of speculative press coverage".
Pipex are one of the UK's leading providers of broadband and telephony.
According to the company, its two new offerings - Pipex SecureTeleworker and Pipex SecureOffice - provide security to remote workers and offices by extending the secure boundary of the network, rather than relying on Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels over insecure public networks.
Plymouth-based Pipex px manufactures high-quality thermoplastic and advanced composite solutions for industries including transport, oil and gas, offshore, construction and renewable energy.
These include British Telecom, Lycos, Pipex, Host Europe, T-Online, Amen and Strato.
INTERNET firm Pipex said yesterday it was on track with a strategic review which could lead to a sale of the company.
PIPEX, one of the UK's leading suppliers of broadband services, and Mirror Sport have joined forces to offer one lucky reader the chance to see the London derby between Fulham and Arsenal next week.
PIPEX, official club sponsors of Fulham, have joined forces with the Sunday Mirror to offer one lucky reader the chance to win the shirt off Zat Knight's back.