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PIPEXPublic Internet Protocol Exchange (Internet)
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Pipex px specialises in manufacturing construction products from thermoplastics and advanced composites and spearheading innovation in fast track, corrosion resistant, minimal maintenance solutions.
I e-mailed him with an attachment copying the catalogue of Pipex behaviour towards my daughter who was, like Mr Bonas, beco ming very distressed.
Freedom4 also bought Vialtus - the voice-over internet firm and another former Pipex business - under the reverse takeover.
In addition, Intel said Intel Capital, its global investment organisation, has signed an agreement to make a substantial investment in FREEDOM4, with telecomms provider Pipex Communications PLC to join in the investment.
Pipex said FREEDOM4 started the roll-out of its WiMAX infrastructure recently, providing a personal wireless Internet experience for users.
Pipex chairman Peter Dubens said the review had sparked a "large volume of speculative press coverage".
The Finnish-based telecomms infrastructure company Nokia Siemens Networks said on Thursday (5 April) that it has agreed to cooperate with Pipex Wireless on WiMAX infrastructure and service development to expand the availability of commercial WiMAX services in the UK.
Pipex are one of the UK's leading providers of broadband and telephony.
According to the company, its two new offerings - Pipex SecureTeleworker and Pipex SecureOffice - provide security to remote workers and offices by extending the secure boundary of the network, rather than relying on Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnels over insecure public networks.
Pipex are a major provider of integrated telecommunications and internet solutions including broadband, voice, domain name registrations and hosting.
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