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PIRSPassive Infrared Sensor
PIRSPapers in Regional Science (journal)
PIRSProject Information Retrieval System
PIRSPublic Information and Reference Service
PIRSPoslovni Informator Republike Slovenije (Business Directory of Republic of Slovenia)
PIRSPolice Information Retrieval System (database; Canada)
PIRSParliamentary Information and Research Service (Canada)
PIRSPacific Immigrant Resources Society (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
PIRSPropulsion Information Retrieval System
PIRSPangaea International Receivable Services (Kalispell, MT)
PIRSPollution Incident Reporting System
PIRSPersonnel Information Reporting System
PIRSPulsed Infrared System
PIRSPatent Image Retrieval System
PIRSFCC Public Information and Reference Services
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While some individuals who are chosen for inspection are in a hurry and opt out of participating in the survey, the large volume of access inspections makes this a primary means of addressing PIR.
Shift leaders then compile the PIR highlights from each community engagement summary and include them in a closure report, which they provide to company and battalion police intelligence cells for analysis.
While responses to PIR questions allow units to analyze a wide range of information, the relevance of community responses substantially depends on the construction of the survey questions.
So far, the FAF has completed PIRs of two FASB standards.
As envisioned by the trustees, PIRs could also be prompted by other events and circumstances, such as unanticipated changes in regulatory requirements.
The sources said that the teams completed their work in a couple of weeks and forwarded their report to the authorities concerned, with the recommendation that stern action and be taken against pirs.
A senior Special Branch officer, requesting anonymity, said there were increasing reports of people being duped by black magicians and pirs, who claim to be able to foresee the outcome of lotteries and arrange good marital matches for their clients' daughters and sons.
37)--and not referred to again, even in the bibliography--are references to Stewart's other work on Satya Pir: three particularly salient pieces are "Alternate Structures of Authority: Satya Pir on the Frontiers of Bengal," in Beyond Turk and Hindu: Rethinking Religious Identities in Islamicate South Asia, edited by David Gilmartin and Bruce B.
The latest intelligence doctrine document does not specifically address PIRs in stability operations and support operations but does again reinforce the earlier doctrine by stating, "Answers to the PIRs help produce intelligence essential to the commander's situational understanding and decisionmaking.
Note the common thread that the PIRs are critical to a decision.
We will not always have enough information to formulate four to six PIRs to drive the intelligence synchronization plan; therefore, it is okay to let IRs drive collection planning.
Frequently, our PIRs and IRs are very broad and very general.