PITEPanglao Island Tourism Estate (Bohol, Philippines)
PITEPlug-In Technologies Example (US DoD)
PITEPeripheral In-Continuity Tissue Examination (tumor removal procedure)
PITEProvincial Institute for Teacher Education (est. 1996; Pakistan)
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She was a commoner, and had been sent here on her bridal night by Sir Breuse Sance Pite, a neighboring lord whose vassal her father was, and to which said lord she had refused what has since been called le droit du seigneur, and, moreover, had opposed violence to violence and spilt half a gill of his almost sacred blood.
Not that she felt any personal interest in the matter, but she thought it dis- respectful to Sir Breuse Sance Pite.
Common men the country are interested in ghise pite issues ( like Ram temple).
Before long, Buriro was one of 118 fully-equipped master trainers whose skills were improved by attending PITE.
In pite of baring her body insistently onstage, Rihanna went for an oversized T-shirt, but teased onlookers with her feminine curves through the mesh gaps of the navy top.
who ed pite me p HM nh ncy hat of He said: "Although the technical conditions were met, in the round was decided that the person had n left the UK either permanently or indefinitely by making a distinct break with it.
r Pickles said they could id cutting services, pite a dramatic cut in vernment funding, by tting back office costs.
pite the barriers put up by some orons, Creative Alliis celebrating the t it is supporting more creative appreniceships than any-y where else in the country with 20 per ent of the current national total being delivered through the Birmingham-based body.
Staff numbers ha pite the recession - has recently been ta the strong euro an had a greater impa Mr Robinson said we buy are made in the exchange rate expensive.
Tor res and his international team- mates had equalled Brazil's world record of going 35 games unbeaten but desS pite Spain's Confederations Cup hopes being dashed, the Anfield favourite is looking to build up a new sequence.
His 2006 Punta Pite house in Papudo was buried under a rocky driveway covered with Correa's sculptures.
We have a guy who fixes the cars, but he doesn't touch the medical equipment," said Nyree Gracey, the Bario Pite clinic manager in Dili.