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Under this exclusive Valentine's promotion that is available on Dine-In and Take-Away at 23 Pizza Hut outlets across Oman, customers placing an order for a Golden Bites Pizza (large Super Supreme, Very Veggie or Grilled Cheeky Chicken) that is priced at RO9.
html) CNN reports Pizza Hut will begin testing beer and wine deliveries alongside pizza orders in "certain cities," with Phoenix being the initial guinea pig.
In a public apology posted on its Facebook page, Pizza Hut apologized for the ae1/4oecompletely inappropriateae1/4Ci advertisement that was initially published on the official Facebook page for Pizza Hut Israel before being removed.
With this move Pizza Hut once again sets itself apart from its competitors and evolves from being just another fast food restaurant to a unique casual dining experience perfect for gettogethers and celebrations.
To commemorate this milestone, Pizza Hut brings to its customers a scrumptious range of starters, flatbreads, rice, pastas and desserts with the launch of Pizza & Much More.
MUCH is at stake as Pizza Hut begins on Wednesday what executives are calling the biggest campaign in its 56-year history promoting changes in just about every aspect of its identity: products packaging logos color palettes uniforms and websites.
This USD10 Any Pizza deal enables consumers to get any Pizza Hut pizza, any size and with any toppings, via delivery, dine-in or carryout for USD10.
Pizza Hut Delivery said it aims to open at least 100 new stores by 2014 through investment of about PS20 million.
The Pizza chain took this step after getting an enthusiastic response from consumers about just how much they loved the smell of a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened.
Leeds-based turnaround specialist Endless is in discussions with Yum Brands - the US owner of Pizza Hut - over a franchise deal for the 340-strong restaurant group, according to The Sunday Times.
Pizza Hut has suffered poor financial performance for years as the wider economic woes have taken their toll on the group, which employs about 16,000 people across the restaurants and delivery service.
His friends enter Pizza Hut and are seated with the server asking them to try the new range.