PKMSPflegekomplexmaßnahmen Score (German: Complex Care Measures Score)
PKMSPaul Knox Middle School (North Augusta, SC)
PKMSPersonal Knowledge Management System
PKMSPick Ticket Management System (Manhattan Associates)
PKMSPansy Kidd Middle School (Poteau, Oklahoma)
PKMSPertubohan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapore (Singapore National Malay Organization)
PKMSPrairie Knolls Middle School (Illinois)
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In addition, PkMS manages the movement and disposition of all the empty trailers in the yard, and allocates which empty trailers will be filled with outbound shipments.
Mohd Hasbie Sulaiman, Perjuangan Anti-Cession Sarawak: Peranan Utama Persatuan Kebangsaan Melayu Sarawak (Sarawak Anti-Cession Movement: Roles of Sarawak Malay National Union) (Kuching: PKMS, 1989), p.
5MM AA and captured 4 PKMs, 3 RPGs and 40 Ak47", the statement partly reads.
62 mm km PK / PKM / PKMS 1 bipod ZSP-9 PKM2 Flask complete ZSP10 PKM3 The device return ZSP-64 Screw flask 0-21 PK5 Bolt shoe6 Nut screws shoe PK 10-177 Spring return 6-6 / 6P6 PK8 ammunition box 100 PCS.
To allow different types of reaction, the YSS RCWS is armed with two different weapons, an AK-47 rifle, that allows firing single warning shots towards a potential intruder, for example, and a PKMS machine gun for suppressive fire.
In the current theaters of operations, host nation security forces (HNSF) carry a wide variety of weapons: M4s, M16s, AK-47s, AK-74, PKMs, RPKs, SVDs, RPG-7s, M9s, and Glock pistols.
The company switched from a manual WMS to Manhattan Associates' PkMs in 2000 to handle its inbound operations, and in 2006 moved its outbound logistics onto the Manhattan system.
Manhattan Associates supplied Sainsbury with their PkMS warehouse management system, which provides the retailer with an accurate, real-time view of all activities within its supply chain.
He also claimed 3 PKMs, 2 RPGs and 10 AK47s were captured from pro-government forces, allegations Sudan Tribune could not easily verify.