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PLTPlatinum (American Airlines Advantage Program)
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PLTPayload Type
PLTPast Life Therapist
PLTPretty Little Thing
PLTPen-Based Learning Technologies (International Workshop)
PLTLead Lanthanum Titanate
PLTprimed lymphocyte typing
PLTPost Launch Testing
PLTPrimed Lymphocyte Test
PLTPeer Leadership Team
PLTProgram Library Tape
PLTPassive Link Tap (SAIC)
PLTPower Line Telephony
PLTPartnership Liaison Team
PLTPlanning and Liaison Team
PLTPassive Link 11 Tap (SAIC)
PLTPhotonic Layer Technologies (Sprint)
PLTParallel Line Theorem
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PLTProgram Lead Time
PLTPrinciples of Teaching
PLTPower Line Telecommunications
PLTPrivate Line Telecommunications Circuit
PLTProgramming Language Theory
PLTPrimary Lead Teacher (education)
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When expressed as a percentage of platelets, females appeared to have slightly lower retPLT levels than males, as shown in the Table.
Reticulated platelets were not meaningfully associated with the platelet distribution width (results not shown).
The cost-benefit analysis revealed that approximately 94 units of pooled platelets would have been transfused during the study period had transfusions continued at the control rate of 12.
A large proportion of platelets transfused at BUMC are given to oncology patients.
There are strict storage temperature and duration requirements that must be met for optimal measurement of reticulated platelets.
Hematology analyzers rely on direct current impedance to identify cellular size, and since platelets are the smallest particles in the blood, their volume measurement requires very complex data analysis algorithms and a high level of expertise dealing with impedance technology.
After stimulation by collagen, platelets were fixed by addition of 15 [micro]l of the Tyrode-HEPES solution containing 20% glutaralde-hyde for the observation by scanning electron microscopy.
Adrenaline was used with ADP because by itself it did not induce strong aggregation of rabbit platelets.
Since FT patients have more platelets than healthy individuals, we investigated if the increased platelet activity found in this study could be explained by this quantitative difference.
JAK2 status was available for eight of the nine patients described above who had highly adhesive platelets (one patient died during the course of the study).
Aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) inhibit platelets by inactivating platelet cyclooxygenase-1 (COX-1), the constitutive form of the enzyme (20).
Therefore, the effect of non-aspirin NSAIDs on platelets will be less than 24 hours.