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PLTPlatinum (American Airlines Advantage Program)
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PLTPayload Type
PLTPast Life Therapist
PLTPretty Little Thing
PLTPen-Based Learning Technologies (International Workshop)
PLTLead Lanthanum Titanate
PLTprimed lymphocyte typing
PLTPost Launch Testing
PLTPrimed Lymphocyte Test
PLTPeer Leadership Team
PLTProgram Library Tape
PLTPassive Link Tap (SAIC)
PLTPower Line Telephony
PLTPartnership Liaison Team
PLTPlanning and Liaison Team
PLTPassive Link 11 Tap (SAIC)
PLTPhotonic Layer Technologies (Sprint)
PLTParallel Line Theorem
PLTPublications Liaison Team
PLTProduction Log Tool
PLTPortsmouth Little Theatre (Portsmouth, OH)
PLTProcurement Lead Time
PLTPractical Legal Training
PLTProject Learning Tree
PLTProduction Lead Time
PLTProgram Lead Time
PLTPrinciples of Teaching
PLTPower Line Telecommunications
PLTPrivate Line Telecommunications Circuit
PLTProgramming Language Theory
PLTPrimary Lead Teacher (education)
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The Verax PGD test is already FDA cleared as a Safety Measure for bacterial contamination in platelets, meaning it can also be used to extend platelet dating to 7 days when testing apheresis platelets in plasma.
Pearson's correlation was calculated between CD markers CD62p and CD63 of post apheresis platelets.
Each rater performed an independent manual platelet estimate for each blood film.
It is the increase in the platelets activity that is responsible for increasing the vascular complications with DM11.
mm because the circulating platelets are haematologically active and sufficient to prevent bleeding by thrombocytopenia.
Previously, RNA condensations in platelets were observed by microscope, similar to immature red blood cells after staining of the reticulum.
We know the Platelet BioGenesis team well from their days at MassChallenge and so we're delighted that Amgen has selected the company as a 2016 Golden Ticket winner it's an excellent choice," commented LabCentral Co-Founder and President Johannes Fruehauf.
Thrombocytopenia, or low platelet (PLT) count, is a common hematologic abnormality that may be associated with risk of severe bleeding.
Platelets also play an important role in allergic diseases.
The poor recovery and survival of transfused platelets can be due to immune and non-immune causes.
There are a very few studies relating the effect of smoking on platelets.
The platelets generated using this technology are functional and display features that were indistinguishable from those of human blood platelets.