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Pt/PdPlatinum/Palladium (photographic printing process)
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The three new contracts include Gold/Silver Ratio futures, Gold/Platinum Spread futures and Platinum/Palladium Spread futures and will begin trading on Monday, October 24, 2016, pending regulatory review.
John Londry has been vice-president exploration, platinum/palladium development at PNW for two years.
The Engelhard platinum/palladium diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology enables palladium to be substituted for one-third of the platinum on one of those catalysts.
has updated developments at the company's Platreef platinum/palladium project on the Bushveld Complex in South Africa.
is an international mining consultant with extensive experience in the areas of acquisitions, exploration, debt/equity financing, feasibility studies, open pit and underground mine development, designing, engineering, operating and expanding gold, silver, copper, zinc, molybdenum and platinum/palladium mines and processing plants.
Garry Clark says many of today's junior exploration companies are searching high and low for the next big platinum/palladium find.
Currently, Michigan Gold retains a one hundred percent (100%) title to a Platinum/Palladium prospect in Shillington Township named the "Deadmoose Lake" property.
Robert Mitchell ("Mitchell"), a Canadian prospector resident in Chile, Minera Geocom has acquired the rights to use an extensive, regional database containing numerous copper, gold, and platinum/palladium occurrences in an area of Chile that has been historically under explored.
63 g/tonne) (combined platinum/palladium) with a platinum/palladium ratio of 3.
Nine drill holes will target the Main Discovery Area while a second platinum/palladium showing located 200 meters southwest of the Main Discovery Trench will also be drill tested.
Pacific Minerals' most advanced projects are the 217 Gold Project in Inner Mongolia and the JBS Platinum/Palladium Project in Yunnan Province.
The blasting and sampling program was initiated at the recommendation of, and undertaken by, BUC's independent consulting geologists to expose 'fresh' unweathered samples of bedrock to give a representative analysis of the platinum/palladium and other Platinum Group Elements (PGE), in addition to copper and nickel, contained within the rock below the weathered surface rocks.