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PUSBPlay Up Sky Blues (Coventry City football club rally cry; UK)
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My Sky Blue Dream We walk from town amongst the crowd To Highfield Road singing aloud Atmosphere and excitement we make our way Ground is full to capacity they say Sky Blue colour is all that can be seen Life in the Championship being our dream Shirts and hats of Sky Blue colour This is our team we follow no other Scarves held high waving and swaying Our team is winning it goes without saying Play up Sky Blues we all sing together Stood on the Kop all kinds of weather Half time tannoy gives out the score The rivals are losing up goes the roar Time for pie and quick half of bitter Chatting how Hudson missed that sitter Good old days of my favourite ground Now only in my dreams can be found.
The name of my team, as you've all probably guessed Is Sky Blues who we think is best Now come May when the play-offs begin Will my team be there, so we call can sing Our favourite song, not often sung now But Sky Blues get promoted we will sing it out loud: Play Up Sky Blues.