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PFSProgression Free Survival
PFSPhysician Fee Schedule (healthcare)
PFSPersonal Financial Specialist
PFSPerfect Forward Secrecy
PFSPartnerships for Schools (UK; public-private partnership)
PfSPlaying for Success (UK)
PFSPrefilled Syringe
PFSPatient Financial Services
PFSProvident Financial Services, Inc. (Jersey City, NJ)
PFSPlanetary Fourier Spectrometer
PFSPreliminary Feasibility Study
PFSParallel File System
PFSPlaysForSure (Microsoft audio)
PFSPulmonary Function System
PFSPrivate Fuel Storage, LLC
PFSPenang Free School (Penang, Malaysia)
PFSPatello-Femoral Syndrome
PFSPetrol Filling Station
PFSPersonal File System
PFSProcess Flow Scheduling
PFSPersonal File Sharing (Macintosh networking)
PFSProgressive Forest Split
PFSPrinceton Friends School
PFSPage Format Selection (ITU-T)
PFSPrevious Function State (computer architecture)
PFSPollution Abatement System (PAS) Filtration System
PFSProportional Fair Sharing (algorithm)
PFSPrinciple for Safety
PFSPrincipal for Safety
PFSPassenger Final Sales (Message)
PFSPhiladelphia Flower Show, Inc.
PFSPure False Sharing
PFSProcess Flow Scheme
PFSPulmonary Function Study
PFSPrimary Fuel Source
PFSProportionally Fair Scheduler
PFSPosition Fixing System
PFSProduct Function Specification
PFSPeat Fired Station
PFSPrepare for Service
PFSPositron Fiber System
PFSPower Feeder Stub (Lucent)
PFSProfile Selector CSCI
PFSPublications and Forms Stockroom
PFSPreprocessor Flight Software
PFSPod Forward Section
PFSPrimerica Financial Services
PFSPersonal Financial Statement
PFSPolitical Film Society (Los Angeles, CA)
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In spite of this, Apple's iPod continued to outsell all the PlaysForSure players put together.
In its earlier release, NexTune introduced Digital Rights Management compatibility including the restricted music purchased from iTunes and from download music stores featuring Microsoft's PlaysForSure DRM.
With the second-generation clix, iriver delivers a versatile player that can be used with most PlaysForSure services to provide seamless downloading of videos and music from leading content providers including Napster, EMusic and URGE.
Additionally, the STMP3700 supports Microsoft PlaysForSure version 2.
Music Unlimited To Go, the player supports all Microsoft PlaysForSure subscription music via a PC connection.
Sync can host nearly any digital media player, including the Apple iPod(R), Microsoft Zune, PlaysForSure players and most USB storage devices.
PlaysForSure, Windows Mobile and Windows Media are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Microsoft Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) support ensures Microsoft PlaysForSure devices work without any additional drivers