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PLEPersonal Learning Environment
PLEPlexmar Resources Inc.
PLEPersonal Learning Edition
PLEPlato Learning Environment
PLEPhotoluminescence Excitation
PLEPortuguês Língua Estrangeira (Portugese)
PLEPolymorphic Light Eruption
PLEPlethora Solutions (UK)
PLEPrimary Leaving Examination (Uganda National Examinations Council; education)
PLEPressurised Liquid Extraction
PLEPolypodium Leucotomos Extract
PLEPymatuning Laboratory of Ecology (Pennsylvania)
PLEProgrammable Logic Element
PLEPeak Luminance Enhancement (NEC)
PLEPower Line Engineering PCL (Thailand)
PLEPerinatal Lethality
PLEProgramming Language Exploration
PLEPage Life Expectancy
PLEPhase-Locked Epitaxy
PLEPrimary Longman Express
PLEPaiela Airport (Papua New Guinea)
PLEProbable Limits of Error
PLEPleasant Lea Elementary (Missouri)
PLEPrudent Limit of Endurance
PLEProfessional Learning Exchange
PLEPanel of Legal Experts
PLEPittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Company
PLEPlaneringsenhet (Swedish)
PLEPlanned Limit Endurance
PLEPacketLink Environment
PLEParticipatory Learning Exercise
PLEPapeterie les Entreprises (French: Stationery Enterprises; Canada)
PLEPioneer Living Experience
PLEPreliminary Logistic Evaluation
PLEPort Liaison Element (diplomatic clearance requests for Navy ships visiting port.)
PLEProtein-Losing Enteropathy
PLEProduct Line Engineering
PLEProduct Line Executive
PLEPublic Legal Education (Canada)
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Now organizations have an integrated solution to this challenge with Flare/Gears Bridge, which synchronizes BigLever's industry-leading Gears PLE Lifecycle Framework with MadCap Flare's best-in-class technical authoring and publishing software.
Department of Education recently launched its own school turnaround office and, by speaking to the group, "Secretary Duncan signals that the school turnaround is important, and he's paying attention to these efforts," said LeAnn Buntrock, executive director of Darden/Curry PLE.
The one year contract will see New Wave Media branding and launching four new product lines for PLE along with the development of a new content management driven corporate website.
PLW and PLE inhibited the growth of Mucor spp by 50% at 1000[micro]g/ml concentration, while PLW inhibited the growth of Rhizopus spp by 50% at 1000[micro]g/ml concentration.
Officers admitted they were shocked by the number of peo ple not wearing seatbelts.
PLE efficiently preserved human fibroblast survival and restored their proliferative capability when the cells were exposed to UVA light.
Although Tc-99m-labelled human serum albumin (HSA) has been used to diagnose PLE with success, a literature search yielded few results, thus raising the question of the diagnostic value of this radiotracer.
The report said of the crash: "The indirect cause was the inability to spot the damage to the tyre, possibly due to either the lack of an adequate checking procedure or inadequate implementation of the procedure by PLE as the 'experts' with sole responsibility for the safety of the car; and to a much lesser extent Top Gear not having an assurance system to ensure that the safety checks were being performed on the day.
PLE typically occurs after the initial seasonal exposure to sunlight, explained Dr.