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PLEPersonal Learning Environment
PLEPlexmar Resources Inc.
PLEPersonal Learning Edition
PLEPlato Learning Environment
PLEPhotoluminescence Excitation
PLEPortuguês Língua Estrangeira (Portugese)
PLEPolymorphic Light Eruption
PLEPlethora Solutions (UK)
PLEPrimary Leaving Examination (Uganda National Examinations Council; education)
PLEPressurised Liquid Extraction
PLEPolypodium Leucotomos Extract
PLEPymatuning Laboratory of Ecology (Pennsylvania)
PLEProgrammable Logic Element
PLEPeak Luminance Enhancement (NEC)
PLEPower Line Engineering PCL (Thailand)
PLEPerinatal Lethality
PLEProgramming Language Exploration
PLEPage Life Expectancy
PLEPhase-Locked Epitaxy
PLEPrimary Longman Express
PLEPaiela Airport (Papua New Guinea)
PLEProbable Limits of Error
PLEPleasant Lea Elementary (Missouri)
PLEPrudent Limit of Endurance
PLEProfessional Learning Exchange
PLEPanel of Legal Experts
PLEPittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Company
PLEPlaneringsenhet (Swedish)
PLEPlanned Limit Endurance
PLEPacketLink Environment
PLEParticipatory Learning Exercise
PLEPapeterie les Entreprises (French: Stationery Enterprises; Canada)
PLEPioneer Living Experience
PLEPreliminary Logistic Evaluation
PLEPort Liaison Element (diplomatic clearance requests for Navy ships visiting port.)
PLEProtein-Losing Enteropathy
PLEProduct Line Engineering
PLEProduct Line Executive
PLEPublic Legal Education (Canada)
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IF YOU HAVE lived in cities and have walked in the park on a summer afternoon, you have perhaps seen, blinking in a corner of his iron cage, a huge, grotesque kind of monkey, a creature with ugly, sag- ging, hairless skin below his eyes and a bright pur- ple underbody.
He was going from house to house, warning peo- ple to leave.
A young moon threw a bashful light on a plain like a monstrous waste ground: the architectural mass of a Buddhist tem ple far away projected itself in dead black on the sky.
The purpose of the contract is to provide the incumbent with expertise in business architecture related to ple emploi~s is and cover the following areas: product architecture, security architecture and technical architecture.
PLE also enters cancer stem cells, the seeds of resistant cancer cells that often cause a recurrence after treatment.
He estimates the PLE approach can cut 66% of the time typically spent on managing product variations and developing new products within a product line.
The recent literatures of the RSS-based localization can be largely classified into two trends: i) the RSS-based localization scheme with PLE knowledge of wireless environment, which means an exact PLE is given or the PLE is locally identical; ii) the RSS-based localization with PLE estimation, which considers a PLE calibration approach.
El concepto de PLE se define, desde una perspectiva pedagogica, como el conjunto de todas las herramientas, materiales y recursos humanos que una persona conoce y utiliza para aprender a lo largo de su vida (Adell & Castaneda, 2010; Attwell, 2007; Hilzensauer & Schaffert, 2008).
However, admission to secondary level is based on order of merit according to PLE results, or equivalents and the original order of choices made by the candidate.
The concept of a PLE has been around for some time; Olivier and Liber (2001) are credited with conceptualizing the framework that is the foundation for the last decade of research and development.
From a technological/instrumental perspective, PLE are defined as a set of learning tools, services and artefacts collected from diverse backgrounds and environments to be used by people in their formative actions.