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PLIPParallel Line Internet Protocol
PLIPParallel Line Interface Protocol
PLIPProperty Law Implementation Plan
PLIPPublic Library Innovation Program (Electronic Information for Libraries)
PLIPPlasma and Laser Interaction Physics
PLIPPhilippine Living Island Paradise (Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines)
PLIPPersistent Library of Internal Procedures (Progress 4GL programming)
PLIPPhospholipase A2-Inhibitory Protein (biochemistry)
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Une etude britannique anterieure des PLIP a resume les difficultes que ces derniers soulevent, en plus des problemes mecaniques ayant trait aux procedures de la Chambre, comme element du concept moderne de la responsabilite gouvernementale
Above them, raindrops fell from leaks in the roof and dropped, plip, plop, plip, into a dozen plastic buckets on the floor.
It boasts the fastest TCP/IP drivers and uses IPX via Ethernet, fast Ethernet, ATM, HAM/Packet radio (X25), ISDN, Token Ring, PLIP -- you name it.
25 protocol), ISDN, token ring, or PLIP (modified printer cable to another computer).
PHOTO (1--Color in Conejo, Simi and SAC Editions) Plip Lawyer tries his hand at catching the elusive legendary bass.
There are a million gumnuts on this goddam tree, I've pulled the caps off hundreds and I can't find the bloody things: dear little Chucklepot and Gurglepie and Silly Lilly-Pilly and Piddlepot and Puddlepie and Plip and Plop .
PLIP issued a call for proposals in November, with a deadline of Feb.
Plip the key fob and lights come on to guide you to your car.
Plip a button on the remote fob and the doors slide open.
With its plip activated remote locking, engine immobiliser, laminated side windows, deadlocks, ultrasonic alarm, and locking wheel nuts, it beat 81 rivals to take the title
WHAT HAPPENS Adults and Personal Life Policies Own, Not Orphans 39% Lapse, Cancel 9% Never owned PLIP 36% Orphans 16% Note: Table made from pie chart.
To be called the Peugeot 1007, it is a four-seater with access to the rear via the sliding doors, which are operated by a plip on the key fob.