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SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service provides capabilities to support large, multi-tier POS environments such as those of major retail companies.
According to the company, Windows Embedded for Point of Service is a retail-optimized software platform providing plug-and-play functionality, enabling retail peripherals to be easily installed and managed.
As this is accomplished, three benefits will follow: (1) price competition at the point of service, (2) abundant cost and outcomes information, and (3) greatly reduced administrative burdens.
Magstripe cards have been shown to eliminate most of the paperwork normally associated with an FSA because the debit card allows consumers to pay for eligible health-care expenses at the point of service, said Butch Ward, a spokesperson for Horsham, Pa.
By essentially making health care free at the point of service, both traditional indemnity insurance and managed care absolved patients of their reasonable share of cost and risk, and therefore placed them in an economically riskless environment not unlike that of fee-for-service providers.
The latter is called the adjudication process; it may cause difficulty at or near the point of service.