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PolyPolynesian (Walt Disney World hotel)
PolyPolysilicon (Semiconductors Manufacturing)
PolyPolycrystalline Silicon
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The ratings on Poly are supported by the company's solid business profile, which is evident in its good-quality land bank that focuses on Tier 1 and 2 cities, and large scale.
Acikses, "Determination of thermodynamic properties of poly [(2-phenyl-1, 3-dioxolane-4-yl)methyl methacrylate] by inverse gas chromatography"J.
Excellent Poly Bags' Poly Drawtape Bags provide a particularly economical option among the poly bag packaging company's selection.
2 (2) Brainstorm - Arctic Monkeys (txt: THECHART POLY 02 to 84080)
3 seed Poly (23-4), yet the point guard was just 8 of 24 from the field on the night.
Various usage of poly acrylic is expected in the field of construction, industry, and cars.
ISO Poly achieves thinner, more consistent gauges through a combination of machine sophistication and resin blending.
introduced a promising new drug, poly I poly C, that could induce interferon production but, they hoped, bypass interferon's toxicity and other disadvantages.
For bakeries, Excellent Poly Bags offers custom and plain wicketed bags, an asset for businesses with full- or semi-automated loading as well as hand-loading establishments.
Cal Poly held a 31-25 lead at halftime in large part to Tyler McGinn's 13 points in the first half.
However, the new Poly Bullbars from his company keep passengers and pedestrians safe while saving thousands of dollars in repair bills, he says.
1 (-) Cowboy- Chipz (txt: THECHART POLY 01 to 84080)