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Contains 2% or less of: Whole wheat flour * Caramel color * Polydextrose * Leavening (baking soda, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate) * Salt * Corn starch * Mono- and diglycerides * Natural and artificial flavors * Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids * Sodium alginate * Natural cocoa extract * Propylene glycol * Mono- and diesters of fats and fatty acids * Maltodextrin * Gellan gum * Lactylic esters of fatty acids * Soy lecithin * Polysorbate 60 * Soy flour * Coffee
Polyglycerol esters are much milder than anionic surfactants and can be used for the preparation of ethoxylate-free emulsions.
An important attribute of polyglycerol esters is the possibility of producing tailor-made emulsifiers with the desired hydrophile/lipophile balance (HLB) through the appropriate selection of the type of fatty acid and polyglycerol, their ratio, and manufacturing conditions.
Depending upon their HLB, polyglycerol esters can act as water-in-oil (W/O) or oil-in-water (O/W) emulsifiers, or O/W co-emulsifiers.
In several systems, polyglycerol esters have a better surface activity than glycerol (5,6) or homologous polyol esters.
The performance of polyglycerol esters in stabilizing emulsions is strongly dependent on their ability to form lamellar liquid-crystalline phases in water (Fig.
The similarity between these lamellar crystalline phases and the self-organized structures of the natural stratum corneum lipids (7) explains why polyglycerol esters have very good skin fat replenishing properties.
Polyglycerol esters stabilize O/W formulations by decreasing the interfacial tension between the oil and the aqueous phase, and by increasing the viscosity of the external phase, thanks to the formation of a gel network.
Singh, Synergistic Effects of Polyglycerol Ester of Polyricinoleic Acid and Sodium Caseinate on the Stabilization of Water-Oil-Water Emulsions, Food Hydrocoll.