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The R-22 unit was tested both with mineral oil (ATMOS M60 [A], the original equipment manufacturer-specified lubricant for use with R-22), and with polyolester (POE) oil (ISO 68) (the lubricant used for the alternative refrigerants).
Retrofits from R-22/mineral oil to HFC/ polyolester (POE) oil are known to cause contamination deposits to dislodge and move through the system, so this is a very important step in any retrofit of an R-22 system.
Included are new DOTP (diethylehexyl terephthalate, aka DEHT) versions offered by both Eastman and BASF; and BASF's Hexamoll DINCH (disononyl cyclohexane dicarboxylate); VersaMax, based on a proprietary terephthalic ester from Eastman; a polyolester plasticizer called Pevalen from Sweden's Perstorp (U.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Polyolester Oil POE
The global refrigeration oil market can be segmented on the basis of oil type which includes mineral oil, alkyl benzene oil, Polyolester Oils, Polyalkylene Glycol, & PAO Oils.
Much work has been completed that demonstrates the compatibility of various working fluids, metals, plastics and elastomers in hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants and polyolester (POE) lubricants (Cavestri, 1993; Doerr and Kujak, 1993; Hamed and Seiple ,1993); however, because of the large number of processing chemicals used in the industry, investigations into the compatibility of these chemicals with the HFC/POE working fluids are limited, proprietary, or only of a screening nature (Cavestri and Schooley, 1996).
Chemtura Corporation (NYSE:CHMT) (Euronext:CHMT), a manufacturer and marketer of specialty and agro chemicals, revealed on Friday that it has raised the price of the products supplied by the polyalphaolefins (PAO) business, by the Urethanes Business and of certain specialty polyolester (POE) products supplied by the Industrial Performance Products Business as of 15 January 2014 or as contracts allow.
Q: What is the main difference between the mineral oil used in R-22 equipment and the polyolester (POE) oil used in R-410A systems?
Moreover, a conversion to R-404A would require several flushings to remove the mineral oil and replace it with polyolester oil, while the significantly higher pressures would require a modification of the condenser,C[yen] concluded Renganadhan.
Three synthetic polyolester (POE) oils of different viscosity grades (approximately 5, 7, and 10 cSt at 40[degrees]C, respectively) were combined with refrigerants R-134a and R-600a.
Polyurea can be used as a thickener with a number of different types of oil, mineral or synthetic --usually Polyolester or Poly Alpha Olefin [PAO].
Molykore Compressor and Vacuum Fluids are comprised of unique formulations of synthetic polyalpha olefin (PAO), polyalkylene glycol/polyolester (PAG/POE), polyolester (POE), diester (DE), and ultra high-purity mineral oils that meet or exceed performance characteristics for all comparable OEM fill products.