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PoPoPolice Officer
PoPoPopocatepetl (Mexico volcano)
POPOPoverty Point National Monument (US National Park Service)
POPOProlific and Other Priority Offenders (UK criminal justice system)
POPOPower Off Power On
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Departure from Green River valley Popo Agie Its course The rivers into which it runs Scenery of the Bluffs the great Tar Spring Volcanic tracts in the Crow country Burning Mountain of Powder River Sulphur springs Hidden fires Colter's Hell Wind River Campbell's party Fitzpatrick and his trappers Captain Stewart, an amateur traveller Nathaniel Wyeth Anecdotes of his expedition to the Far West Disaster of Campbell's party A union of bands The Bad Pass The rapids Departure of Fitzpatrick Embarkation of peltries Wyeth and his bull boat Adventures of Captain Bonneville in the Bighorn Mountains Adventures in the plain Traces of Indians Travelling precautions Dangers of making a smoke The rendezvous
As this was different from his proposed direction, he left it; and turning to the northeast, soon came upon the waters of the Popo Agie.
Proceeding down along the Popo Agie, Captain Bonneville came again in full view of the "Bluffs," as they are called, extending from the base of the Wind River Mountains far away to the east, and presenting to the eye a confusion of hills and cliffs of red sandstone, some peaked and angular, some round, some broken into crags and precipices, and piled up in fantastic masses; but all naked and sterile.
Resuming his descent along the left bank of the Popo Agie, Captain Bonneville soon reached the plains; where he found several large streams entering from the west.
Every day the coast looked the same, as though we had not moved; but we passed various places--trading places--with names like Gran' Bassam Little Popo, names that seemed to belong to some sordid farce acted in front of a sinister backcloth.
The activity from Popo is providing another option for nearby residents: economic development.
Their song Woki Mit Deim Popo translates (more or less) as Shake Your Ass and combines the unrelated concepts of pole dancing and noodle soup.
Popocatepetl, known as Popo, is located not far from Mexico City and has not experienced a major eruption since 2000.
POPO - EDDIEY March 22 , 2012 Aged 86 years (In our memory Always Dad, Happy 86th Birthday.
The Cable Operators continue to take the lead in the broadband access race," says Maria Popo, Americas President.
Na costa da Africa Ocidental, esses homens, mulheres e criancas se estabeleceram nas cidades costeiras, onde hoje se encontram a Republica do Benim (Popo Pequeno, Popo Grande, Agoue, Ajuda, Cotonou e Porto Novo) e a atual Nigeria (Badagry e Lagos).