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Using survival as a surrogate marker for positive/negative classification, (25) we established an optimal AQUA score cut point using X-tile (22) for HER2 AQUA scores produced for instrument 1, operator 1, and staining run 1.
recognize the positive/negative areas and how they complement the design.
McCain's ratio has suffered even more, dropping from a 55% to 19% positive/negative split to the even split today.
It uses small sections of differently aligned pixels to scatter light in alternating directions to achieve the positive/negative flip when the item is rotated or tilted.
VacuTrac positive/negative pressure units with pumps from 2 to 7.
After highlighting the ambiguity of the term "positive", and some problems related to it, we suggest that the positive/negative dichotomy is too simplistic to take into account the deep interaction between affect and cognition that characterises mathematics learning.
The third-party evaluation undergone by the Peanut Assay Kit was designed to confirm that they perform as they claimed when testing a variety of food matrices (cereals, confectionery, baked goods, ice cream etc), and validates its accuracy, precision, detection limits, false positive/negative rates, robustness, cross-reactivity, stability and lot-to-lot consistency.
A post-hoc LSD test revealed that there was a significant difference in patient satisfaction between the use of a positive/negative strategy combination and all other strategy combinations when used by both male and female providers over two visits (Wilks' [conjunction] = .
The work's manual erotica rhymed with the violent fingers in Bruce Nauman's neon Double Poke in the Eye II, 1985, just as Jasper Johns's target drawing called out to Andy Warhol's silk-screened gun, and as the positive/negative play of Stingel's panel echoed that of Ricci Albenda's sculptural pair (both 2002).
A lot of people have taken the anger--that positive/negative energy that was there and isn't anymore.
For this, her first multimedia piece, Way collaborated with composer Jay Cloidt, who excellently deconstructed and reassembled a Mozart string quartet (performed live by the Cypress String Quartet), and Jim Campbell, whose positive/negative projections conveyed a haunting sense of floating and drowning.
These features include positive/negative reversal, cover insertion, transparency insertion, copy auditing (up to 400 accounts), mirror imaging, brightness/intensity/contrast control and multi-page enlargement.