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Expert committee on harnessing the India post network for financial inclusion (2010) is based on the premise that the Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) already is the largest bank in the country by number of customers and number of branches, handles a large volume of government benefit payments and does not distinguish among rich and poor customers.
Aluminium for example, though one of the commonest elements, was a precious metal until the end of the nineteenth century, and was used largely decoratively for a decade or two after it was possible to smelt the metal economically (think for instance of Otto Wagner's ornamental cast aluminium bolt heads at the 1906 Post Office Savings Bank in Vienna).
SEPTEMBER 16, 1861: Post Office Savings Bank set up.
Singapore's largest local bank, Development Bank of Singapore (DBS), will merge with the government-owned Post Office Savings Bank (POSBank), creating a banking giant in Singapore, and Asia, Singapore's Finance Minister Richard Hu said Friday.
Tenders are invited for Display Of Advertisement Boards Hoarding In The Campus Of Pos Postal Stationery Ilc Postcard Meghdoot Postcard And Back Cover Of Post Office Savings Bank Pass Books
473 billion in Post Office Savings Bank schemes during the last financial year.
He told me that during the war certain allowances designed to protect working-class earners from income tax were cut, but the tax paid would be reimbursed after the war in post-war credits which could be claimed from the Post Office Savings Bank.
Lord Palmerston's Many government launched the Post Office Savings Bank in 1861, for ordinary people to save their money into.
o 1861 The Post Office Savings Bank was instituted.
SEPTEMBER 16: 1861: Post Office Savings Bank set up.
Mr Seah managed the investment portfolio of Post Office Savings Bank as Deputy Head of the Investment and Credit Department from 1978 to 1980.
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