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PVSPersistent Vegetative State
PVSPatent- og Varemærkestyrelsen (Danish Patent and Trademark Office)
PVSPrototype Verification System
PVSPaesi in Via di Sviluppo (Emerging Countries)
PVSProject Vote Smart
PVSPolynesian Voyaging Society
PVSPersonal Video Station (SnapStream)
PVSPotato Virus S
PVSPotomac Valley Swimming (Washington, DC area)
PVSPhysicians for a Violence-free Society
PVSPigmented Villonodular Synovitis
PVSPost-Viral Syndrome
PVSPrime Vendor Support
PVSPotential Visibility Set (computer graphics)
PVSPulmonary Valve Stenosis (cardiac disease)
PVSPrisoner Visitation and Support (Philadelphia, PA)
PVSPolyvinyl Siloxane
PVSPosture Validation Server (Cisco)
PVSPorted Vacuum Switch
PVSPojoaque Valley Schools
PVSPost-Vaccination Syndrome
PVSPotential Visible Set
PVSPecos Valley Southern Railway Company
PVSPower Visualization System
PVSPortal Venous System
PVSProof Verification System
PVSPost-Vasectomy (pain) Syndrome
PVSPole Vault Summit
PVSPassive Vision Sight (military night vision systems)
PVSPipelined Vector Supercomputer
PVSPittsburgh Vegetarian Society (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
PVSPotential Video Stream
PVSPediatric Vaccine Stockpile
PVSPeriscope View Simulator
PVSPressure Vessels and Systems
PVSPropagation Validation System
PVSPassport and Visa Service (various locations)
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We used a representative range of samples from different ethnicities and ages, pre and post-vasectomy.
MES developed the SQA-Vision as an intuitive tool for fertility screening, post-vasectomy follow-up, sperm banking, research, or detailed IVF assessment.
Although data on the prevalence of chronic orchalgia are difficult to find, up to 52% of men have described chronic post-vasectomy pain, although a much lower percentage actually seek treatment.
Patients with post-vasectomy previous testicular trauma or surgery (including herniorrhaphy hydrocele repair and varicocelectomy) tumour post- infection post-torsion were excluded.
I have detailed the long-term clinical and immunologic sequelae of the post-vasectomy state in scores of patients (most in their 30's and 40's) who developed otherwise unexplained serious disorders.
It measures SP-10, which is present at constant levels in each sperm head, and enables men to quickly and accurately monitor their post-vasectomy sterility.
At the first post-vasectomy semen analysis the percentage of specimens with azoospermia was significantly higher in the group operated on by Dr A compared with Dr C, and the rate of failed vasectomy (sperm seen >180 days after vasectomy) was significantly lower for Dr A (0%) compared with Dr C (7.
It's since been confirmed that I've suffered a complication: post-vasectomy haematoma - internal bleeding that causes an excruciating blood clot that can last for up to three or four months.
John Winston, 47, claims there was no warning he might contract post-vasectomy pain syndrome (PVPS).
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