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PTTPostal Telegraph and Telephone
PTTPublic Telephone & Telegraph
PTTPush-To-Talk (radio tranceivers)
PTTPartial Thromboplastin Time (test)
PTTPresidential Transition Team (various locations)
PTTPost Telephone and Telegraph
PTTPart of Title
PTTPush to Talk
PTTPostal Telephone and Telegraph
PTTPress to Transmit
PTTProtocol Task Team
PTTPetroleum Authority of Thailand (Bangkok, Thailand)
PTTProperty Transfer Tax
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PTTPart Task Trainer
PTTPosterior Tibial Tendon
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PTTPosta Telgraf Ve Telefon (Turkey)
PTTPonto de Troca de Tráfego (Portuguese: Internet Exchange Point)
PTTPlatform Transmitter Terminal
PTTPoly(Trimethylene Terephthalate) (chemical thermoplastic polymer)
PTTProgramming Tools and Techniques
PTTProfessional Technology Temple (Taiwan BBS)
PTTpermit to transfer (shipping)
PTTMinistry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone (Iran)
PTTPoker Team Ticket (tournament)
PTTPetits Travailleurs Tranquiles (French: Small Quiet Workers)
PTTPijama Terlik Televizyon (Turkish)
PTTPoste, Téléphone et Télécommunications (French Post Office)
PTTProfessional Technical Trainer
PTTPart-Time Teaching
PTTProtocol Test Tool
PTTProject Tracking Tool
PTTPhysical Training Test
PTTPresidential Technology Team
PTTProviders of Telecommunications Training
PTTPrecision Pressure Transducer
PTTPlotting Team Trainer
PTTProgram Technical Training
PTTPersonnel Transition Team
PTTPejabat Telekom Tempatan
PTTPittsburg Tank & Tower Company Inc.
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Researchers are studying plateletrich-plasma (PRP) injections for Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendon degeneration.
The initial examination at our hospital (18 years after the ankle fracture and 43 years old at this time) revealed tenderness along the posterior tibial tendon and a left ankle range of motion from 10[degrees] of dorsiflexion to 60[degrees] of plantarflexion.
The second screw will probably be near the posterior tibial tendon, especially in some small cases.
Symposium: current practices in the management of posterior tibial tendon rupture.
Degeneration of the accessory navicular synchondrosis presenting as rupture of the posterior tibial tendon.
Diagnostic ultrasound showed thickening of the right posterior tibial tendon and irregularity of the navicular tuberosity bone (indicating an old avulsion fracture or apophyseal injury given the patient's age) (Figure 2).
The structures to avoid are the saphenous vein and nerve in the anterior aspect of the incision and the posterior tibial tendon in the distal and inferior aspect of the incision.
Steroid injections have been effective when given at the site of entrapment, (44) but care must be taken to avoid the posterior tibial tendon.
A novel finding reported for the first time in this study was that 40% of the psoriatic arthritis patients had inflammatory involvement of the posterior tibial tendon.
Saxena discovered she had an extra bone in her left foot which was causing the posterior tibial tendon to tear.
I'm sitting there happy that the team is winning and posting shutouts, so I am happy with that," said Vaughn, who suffered from ankle tendinitis, a high ankle sprain and a strained posterior tibial tendon, an injury he suffered during practice three weeks ago.
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