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All infrastructure development subprojects must be in line with the Provincial Commodity Investment Plans (PCIPs) -- except for potable water system -- to maximize potential impacts of rural development projects in each region," Collado said.
The Japanese embassy expects that around 1,300 patients in need of operations and 700 delivering pregnant women in Bontoc General Hospital, as well as three sitios in Barangay Banawel for the construction of Level II potable water system at Natonin, will benefit from the projects.
During the investigation, the review of sample results from routine environmental surveillance demonstrated that the potable water system had become heavily colonized with Legionella during a 6-month period, February-July 2008.
are being replaced or upgraded on the county's potable water system.
That means the container has an entire wastewater management system in it, a potable water system and power generation, and all that is remotely controlled.
A typical Water for Life project, such as the one begun several years ago in San Marcos, Guatemala, is developing a potable water system.
the housing project's contractor, also failed to install potable water system that forced residents to install a pump to access groundwater.
Pursuant to the APP Contract between AdR, the State Water Commission of Baja California (CEA), the Government of Baja California represented by the Secretary of Planning and Finance (SPF) and the Public Utilities Commission of Tijuana (the CESPT), AdR will design, construct, finance and operate a seawater desalination plant with accompanying aqueducts that has a capacity of up to 100m gallons per day in two phases: the first with a capacity of 50m gallons per day and an aqueduct to the Mexican potable water system in Tijuana, Baja California; and the second phase with a capacity of 50m gallons per day and an aqueduct to a second delivery point in Tijuana.
This includes all garden hose type connections to the potable water system, usually located in heads and the galley.
Commissioned by the PPI and The Alliance for PE Pipe, the study, conducted by Jana Laboratories, examines the various areas of a potable water system including chlorination, durability, oxidative aggressiveness, temperature and pressure/stress.
PESHAWAR, August 31, 2010 (Balochistan Times): In order to overcome the shortage of drinking water supply in the community of Malik Safirullah Kili, Domail Tehsil of FR Bannu, the Political Administration of FR Bannu has provided a potable water system, benefiting approximately 224 individuals of the local area.