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PZPotenza (Italy)
PZPanzer (German tank)
PZPezzi (Italian: pieces)
PZProject Zero (various organizations)
PZPickup Zone
PZPrecautionary Zone (emergency planning)
PZPrimary Zone
PZPittsburgh Zoo
PZTransportes Aereos del Mercosur, Paraguay (IATA airline code)
PZPièze(s) (measure of pressure)
PZPort of Penzance
PZPhase Zero Defense
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Potenza Therapeutics is focused on building a portfolio of oncology programs that utilize the body's own immune system to seek out, recognise, and destroy tumors through a diversity of mechanisms that influence tumor immunity.
The sister company of the Potenza Global Solutions offers the myriad of the online marketing solutions to the individual auto dealers and their business that includes:
Potenza (2016), "Risk-taking and Risky Decisionmaking in Internet Gaming Disorder: Implications Regarding Online Gaming in the Setting of Negative Consequences," Journal of Psychiatric Research 73: 1-8.
The Luziania x Potenza cross generations showed a continuous distribution for the trait (see Figure 2).
Potenza said the findings suggest that women with cocaine dependence might benefit from stress-reduction therapies that specifically target these cravings.
b) test di massima potenza dell'arto inferiore (LP) con l'ausilio di Nottingham Leg Extensor Power Rig (Figura 1), eseguito sia per l'arto inferiore destro sia per quello sinistro (i valori sono stati espressi in Watt, W).
Not to be confused with race or circuit driving, the Potenza Driving Lesson offers courses in handling, steering and seating, emergency braking and cornering.
The accused was living in Potenza before moving to southern England.
The iRacer, which will be unveiled at Silverstone in August, is a project between Kingswinford niche vehicle firm Westfield Sportscars, its Coventry-based sister company Potenza Technology and Oxford YASA Motor.
The force had been looking at a potential link between her death and the discovery of the body of 16-year-old Eliza Claps in Potenza, southern Italy in March this year.
In a separate incident, the president of Italian third division side Potenza was arrested as part of an investigation into match-fixing.
To handle the extra power, the chassis gets a reinforced front cross-member and revised powersteering hydraulics to improve steering responsiveness, new springs and dampers, new 18-inch wheels with Bridgestone Potenza tyres and Gold coloured brake callipers from Brembo.